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Waqas' Solo Project

Quick Update:

Waqas Ali's danish project will hit Denmark by the end of this month.

Stay tuned for more news
Posted on 21 Aug 2008 by elmoro4life
Project: Learn to Sign
Outlandish and other artists appeared in a video for SignLabs's project that aims to help people to learn sign language and socialize with deaf members of their community.

Learn more by visiting SignLabs' channel on Youtube
Posted on 12 Aug 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish @ Gratitude 2008
Outlandish is going to perform at a charity fundraising event Saturday 23 August 2008 in the UK at Abundant Life Centre, Bradford.

Artists include: Outlandish, Shaykh Ahmad Tijani Ben Omar, SHAAM Nasheed Group,Hassen Rasool and Mesut Kurtis.

You can buy tickets online by following any of these links:
Posted on 11 Aug 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish @ IslamExpo '08
OL performed live Sunday 13th of this month in London at IslamExpo 2008 along with Kareem Salama and The SoundofReason.

Here's a clip from the performance:

-Edited: more videos on the full news page..
Posted on 14 Jul 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish featured in "InFocus" Newspaper

Outlandish and "Voices for Change Tour" was featured in the largest Muslim newspaper in California named "InFocus" on July 2008 issue.
Read the interview here:
MAS-Youth brings ‘Voices for Change’ to American youth

Download the whole newspaper in pdf format here:

InFocus July '08
Posted on 12 Jul 2008 by Awayclose
The Block FM - Interview
During their tour in the US, Outlandish gave interviews to several media outlets. In Los Angeles they were interviewed by Cassie and Tim from The Block FM.

Watch the interview here (part 1):

Click read more to watch the second part of the video
Posted on 09 Jul 2008 by elmoro4life
"My experiences with meeting Outlandish"
This Post was sent by a fan from the United States:

Salam, shanty, fred, paz, and peace!

Just wanted to give all you moros a little taste of my experiences with meeting Outlandish because somehow I just got lucky during this US tour (twice!). I attended the concert in Chicago, and was blown away! I had seen Isam & Waqas at RIS5 before, but of course Lenny added so much more the concert :) . And with the live band and Jonas, it was amazing. After the concert, I had the privilege of seeing them twice, but a week later.

First time I met them, at a Meet & Greet in a cafe in Downtown Detroit on 6/12 where Outlandish took... [Click 'Read More' for the full story]
Posted on 27 Jun 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish - Live from Los Angeles VFC concert
Outlandish has kicked off their US tour in Los Angeles, the Dallas concert was set to be the last one but it has been canceled.

Watch the guys performing Kom Igen here:

-Edited: More videos are available, click 'Read More' and watch them!
-Edited2: Another video recorded Backstage have been added now
p.s Thanks bro Tim for sending the videos smile
Posted on 24 Jun 2008 by elmoro4life
Videos from Tampa and Chicago Concerts!
Enjoy some good quality videos by MAS Youth from Outlandish concerts in Tampa and Chicago:

Elmoro - Tampa Concert

Watch 3 more videos by clicking 'Read More'

p.s: There's still tickets for concerts in other cities in the US, make sure you book yours!! you sure don't wanna miss another great performances by Outlandish!!
Posted on 13 Jun 2008 by elmoro4life
True Talk with Outlandish - Tampa, WMNF 88.5 FM

On last friday, just before the first concert of the "U.S. Voices for Change" Tour, Outlandish was the guest of a show named "True Talk" hosted by Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah which is aired on WMNF 88.5 FM.

Listen to the show here: True Talk with Outlandish - WMNF 88.5 FM
Posted on 08 Jun 2008 by Awayclose
Outlandish interview with Riz Khan
Riz from AlJazeera English Channel meets Danish sensation Outlandish and discusses peace in the Middle East.

Watch the video here (Part 1):

Click 'Read More' to watch the second part.
Posted on 06 Jun 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish talking about their 1st US tour!
Mas Youth released a promo video for the Voices for Change tour where Outlandish are talking about themselves and their excitement to perform for the fans.

Watch the video here:
Posted on 05 Jun 2008 by elmoro4life

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