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Outlandish is a Danish hip-hop group based in Denmark. Formed in 1997, they consist of Isam Bachiri (born in Denmark and of Moroccan background), Waqas Ali Qadri (born in Denmark and of Pakistani background), and Lenny Martinez (from Honduras). All three members are religious, with Isam and Waqas being devout Muslims, and Lenny being catholic.

Outlandish's R&B/Hip-hop/Rap/soul music takes influences from their various backgrounds (Arab, Persiani, and Latin music), and although their songs are primarily in English, they usually feature lyrics in Spanish, Urdu, Danish, and Arabic. All these influences make the music of Outlandish somewhat unique and this is easy to notice from the variety of genres covered in their albums. Outlandish often include themes about Islam and contemporary issues facing young Muslims in the west in their music, and sometimes their songs define a nasheed-like unique genre.

Their single "Pacific To Pacific" was in connection with an Amnesty International charity event. Next came the single "Saturday Night", a song that was later to be included on the soundtrack for the Danish movie Pizza King. These singles were the prelude to their first album Outland's Official (2000) which was however only released in Denmark. The hit song "Walou" was later included on their second album Bread and Barrels of Water.

Singles from their even more successful second album Bread And Barrels Of Water (2003) made the most impact on the music charts. Hit singles included "Aicha" (first made famous by Khaled) which made it to number one in the USA and Germany and received a lot of airplay across many Asian countries. The video to "Aicha" also won a best music video award. "Guantanamo" also made a strong impression on the European charts. An old Hindi chorus running through "Peelo" made it a smash hit amongst Indians and Pakistanis living in the West.

Closer than Veins (2005) is Outlandish's much anticipated third album. The first single was "Look Into My Eyes"Video. The song's lyrics are based on a poem expressing the plight of those allegedly suffering from America’s foreign policy with regards to Israel and Palestine. This album showcased the group's more mature and religious outlook compared to their previous works. Tracks such as Just Me and Una Palabra give a rare insight into the life in Europe today as seen through the eyes of a second generation immigrant. The album also features a track ("I've Seen") with Sami Yusuf (a popular Muslim musician / nasheed artist of azeri origin). Outlandish recently have contributed to a track on Sami Yusuf's recent album My Ummah (2005) called "Try Not To Cry", and Waqas Ali Qadri also features on the nasheed boy-band 786's "Meditate" from their album Straight Path (2005). Such collaborations between artists are becoming increasingly popular in the Muslim music world.

"Kom Igen" is featured on EA's FIFA 2007.
Outlandish is the only Danish act performing at the European MTV Awards 2006.

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