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Mido Elmoro
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Today we have an exclusive interview with Isam Bashiri by is talking about the band Essam and how met each other and also talk of the three albums and about whether they will tour the Middle East and on Arab rap and that he will do song in Arabic and their joint action with the likes of Arab Raprz , Salah al-Din and Husam and also with karem of the Task arabian knights

about Outlandish :

1- Arabrappers : How meet each other Isam, Lenny, and Waqas?

Isam: We met each other in the city of Brundbai grew up together, in brief, we are neighbors.

2- ARABrappers: When did start the trio Outlandish?

isam: we started the band in the 95. We were under the name of the YGB (Young gifted and brown) The idea of Waqas!

3- ARABrappers: How do you live? Do you have jewelry, and cars, and big houses?

isam: I live a star, a lot of jewelry. Pranks! Benaic a normal life and very ordinary.

4- ARABrappers: What are the influences that affect your songs?

isam: Everything in life is impressive. To know that you will be what your work is important, God willing!!

5- ARABrappers: What possible to find in your earphone Mean to those who are listening?

isam: Lauryn Hill, Jay-z, Sami Yusuf, Coldplay and more.

6- ARABrappers: who Be thankful of this success?

isam: God Almighty. And then our family, our friends, a team of producers, and management of A & R.

about thier music :

7- ARABrappers: Do you think the album Outland's Official success?

Isam: Of course, it has given us support, and a base in Denmark

8- ARABrappers: Album Bread & Barrels of Water was a very successful what did you feel when he arrived at the world?

isam: Thank God, it was excellent, as it must know how it feel to be a trend, and mission and came to many people.

9- ARABrappers: Is it possible to explain to me the song of Fatima's Hand? And what was the inspiration?

Isam: I know a sister, murdered by her husband because he did not get used to life in Europe. Was Moroccan, but was born and lived in Denmark, which did not live, but Denmark, but Aty from Morocco before their marriage. Honor killings are not Islamic, as well as forcing your children to the marriage, a Muslim, was born and lived abroad, Ahsit that it is my duty to express what we live, good or bad

10- ARABrappers: Closer than Veins album was a very strong irreversible Personally, I loved enriched Kom Igen. We have seen a change in the method you will see more of that?

isam: Science God where do we go so I do not have the slightest idea, but one thing is certain, that we are moving!!

11- ARABrappers: Song I've Seen is a great song, Is it possible to be described your experience with the work of Sami Yusuf? Do you and we will see you more work together?

isam: Sami terrible! I've Seen song is talking about people jostling for a better Tomorrow. Muslims in the West face different challenges at different levels every day. Sami makes you hear the voice, so it was excellent for this song. Raselth to tell him about the idea, and he answered. We agreed that the share, and we are releasing in both Albomatna. ForesterPerformance on the Internet!

12- ARABrappers: During 2006, did not see the album for Outlandish Is there a particular reason?

isam: We have been working to disseminate album Closer than Veins, however, God will hear the new album. We are currently working for Balstodio

about thier Presentations:

13- ARABrappers: Will we see Outlandish tour of the Middle East soon?

isam: We are trying to do a tour this spring, God willing!

14- ARABrappers: What are the difficulties you face on the stage?

isam: When the audio devices bad!

15- ARABrappers: What is the biggest crowd in one of your performances?

isam: 40000 in a stadium in Denmark, but at the Roskilde Festival, there was 25000

about Arab rap:

16- ARABrappers: Do you think that there is a future for the rap world?

Isam: Of course

17- ARABrappers: Do you speak Arabic?

Isam: I understand a lot, speak little, my mother tongue and Burberry.

18- ARABrappers: Will we see a rap song you an Arab?

Isam: I will work song in Arabic, inshaalaah

19- ARABrappers: What are the steps that should be pursuing to increase the number of listeners of rap world?

isam : As long as the loudspeaker is in control are doing what they are doing from the heart, and stay connected to their roots, and be creative so, you will see spread rapidly because the Arab world is full of adolescent

20- ARABrappers: How is it possible that the Task Outlandish support hip-hop world?

isam : to use each other's inspiration, you Copy the excellent work and we will do so as well, and the Day of days will get the message and not only for the Arab world but for all the world.

21- ARABrappers: are you thinking of doing any joint work with Raprz Arabs?

isam : God willing. Song Kom Igen has been with us our brother Salah al-Din. And talked with others such as Raprz Aldam, Hossam and cream of Arab Knights and more. We have to try and enter the new voices into the arena.

22- ARABrappers: Would you like to add something?

isam: expressing yourself, and focused of what you do. With all due respect, Isam B

Bye Moros

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

i hope u understand this interview well
my greeting to all
Very Happy Very Happy

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Thx for sharin! Smile

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Wohow Wohow Wohow

sO gOOd!!! Wink
Thx 4 sharin!

I lOst ma ♥DaD♥… SadSadSad
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I feel like dying……

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wow !!! Wohow

thanks for sharing !!! Very Happy

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hey..thx.. I'm so  happy!

i really like these kind of posts!! Very Happy Razz

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