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Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:21 pm Reply with quote
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Who could’ve ever imagined that London would be under attack by its own fellow Londoners? The reason being the shooting of Mark Duggan by the police doesn’t really seem to be the real reason for these riots. Apparently these people don’t really care about this. One of the main reasons being considered is “Racial”. The fact that so many Blacks and Asians have taken over most of the “rich” part of London is supposedly angering the poor. As stated by a pair of girls involved in the riots “ We want to show the rich that we can do anything”. Surely this is being believed by many of the people involved in the riots. But the majority of these people are taking serious advantage of this affair. Being said that this is “pure criminality” I have to agree upon it. Who could not? As seen on TV and videos posted on YouTube, it sure looks like criminality. People are carrying away LCD Tvs, food items and whatever they can get in hand. And the astonishing part of the whole riots are that most of the people involved in them are aged from 16-30. Teenagers! Destroying their own city! Also these riots have given the perfect opportunity to anti- Islamics. People have commented on YouTube videos that it is the Muslims who have come up with these riots. It is their fault that all of this is happening. What they really don’t see is that it’s their own people who are doing it. Surely I’m not saying that it’s all the non- Muslims. I’m sure there might be some Muslims who couldn’t keep themselves away from such an attraction!
But really think about it. When riots took place in the Middle East, they were about getting freedom but here, in London, it’s all about entertainment for these protestors.
Hats off to the fellow policemen and their whole team who are trying to calm this situation down as soon as possible.

Tell me what you all think about this.
ps: It's been so long since I've been on the forum. It's good to be back! Smile
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Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:55 pm Reply with quote
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