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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 10:55 pm Reply with quote
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OK, i know we have like more threads about TSOR than we have of OL, but I'm just making ONE MORE because
a) Those other threads are wayyyy too long, and pretty dead now!
b) I want to talk about their new fansite made by moros too! Very Happy

I've fallen in love with them now...and after meeting them at the Sami concert...I'm like a true fan, so I'm loving the fansite!!!
but it's really funny coz the fansite was made by MOROS!!!! hehhe
Badr, Sam(paris), Khadooj and some other dudes I can't remember made it!
i love it...even though I haven't checked all of it out, though saying that i haven't even checked all of THIS website out!!! Razz
So enough of me praising it, have some fun on it yourslf! Smile

if you haven't already, give them a shot!!!... TSOR are two talented guysss!!!...and really nice!!! offence, but they're nicer than OL!!!

tc xxx
Rahat-Ku's no.1 fan!
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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:34 pm Reply with quote
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heyy i woudldnt say there better than OL...buh EQUAL>
yaa i saww Sound of Reasonn.. last Eidd....they came to Torontoo ..and i saw them ..i was likee ahh .! so i took a pic with them and got there autograph.....n there CANADIAN ...hehe..soo i lovee themm!
and there songs Palestine and Shoulder to Lean on are Amazingg..! Smile
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