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Haha well, my experience, lets just say I got a total different view of Outlandish!

I volunteered to work with Islamic Relief at the Evening of Inspiration, so we were splitting up into groups, and the London EOI (luckily) Was being hosted and shown on the Islam Channel, so i chose to be in the Studio Group, only five of us were there. So, us five found out that the job we were doing is the most tiring, we don't get a chance to see the show and were on our feet all the time getting things for producers and studio staff etc etc. Anyways, so one of my team leaders, i was helping to get loads of passes for the studio crew (i had a triple A pass! [access all areas]) So i was backstage asking for the pass when suddenly i got the first glimpse of outlandish. They had just finished practicing they finale, and Lenny came out mocking the African singers Razz Zain Bikha walked past me and smiled and said salaam, Waqas was tapping away at his phone when i saw him and smiled he smiled back, and then Isam finally just looked at me weirdly like (who the hell is she?!) lol. Anyways my first glimpse!
Then, i had to get food for the CEO of Islam channel afterwards, so I went down to the canteen to get food, and Isam came out of his dressing room with a sijada(prayer mat) lol i smiled at him, he looked at me weirdly again so i thought..hmm lool. But anyways, then i bumped into Lenny walking back to get some passes (AGAIN) and i was just like, so you gonna do a meet and greet afterwards, he was like 'Uhm Yeah i mean if they want us to sure!' I was like awww!!

Anyways back upstairs at the studio, Waqas did a separate interview with Islam Channel before the Show. My team leader brought Waqas up, then he went off to do something, when Waqas finished, he wasn't there, and some head of Islam channel guy needed to go down with me to backstage, so i was like, uhm okay guys wanna come with me. So me Waqas, and the other 2 guys walked down stairs, I started talking to Waqas like ' Oh BTW Lina says thanks for the dedication of the song , and he was like i mean its just become a habit you know, for her, i was like aww Smile Then i was like oh yeah bro yusuf sends his salam! He was like yusuf? Othman? ooh yeah cool! I was like embarrassed then so i shut up lmao. We walked all the way across Royal Albert Hall and when i dropped them off backstage, i get a thank you Smile I think i wasn't treated like amazingly by them because i was working there but its all cool!

Anyways, to the Interview most of you saw on Islam Channel. Outlandish came up with my team leader, and when they came in, i came after them, and my leader was like 'Hey guys, uhm, this is Maryam, she is your helper for today so i mean if you need anything just ask her okay!' and they were like hehe:) Then, i was just like guys you wanna sit down? And isam was like yeh imma go and Lenny said that as well and then waqas was like you no what i wanna stand, so i was like cool...then i sat down like...lalalala what to do, then another guy came up to OL like so you met Maryam? And they were like yep Smile And then he was like Water... So i was like oh yeah! Waqas you want anything to drink? He was like you know yeah maybe a lil water? And i was like sure! I got him some water, then i asked isam and lenny they said no. But yeah, so they went and did the interview, i was watching of course Smile But i went out to go see some of my moros (met rehma and leila!!!) In real life ^^ And then, when they finished it was Prayer time, so they needed to go, i asked em do you wanna wait till everyone is back? and Waqas was like nah les go now, so my leader wasnt there, so i was like okay lemme take you.

I had Outlandish walking behind me so many people were like OMG DAS OLLL MANN DASS SOOO KOOOL LEMME HAVE UR AUTOGRAPH and they were like nah uhm we need to go (pointing at me) So i nearly lost my way :S made a fool at myself by going to the wrong lift then quickly going forward lmao. Anyways, so we got to the lift, i let them go in first, then i got in. Okay so...I was standing in a lift with outlandish, and they were speaking Danish (isam is sooooooooo tall!) and all i said was "So how are you guys?!' I MEAN COME ON...way to keep it cool lmao. Waqas was like im tired ya noo, and lenny was like yeah me too and isam was just quiet (tbh i got a little irritated with isam at the end of the evening!) and then after we got off the lift, i walked them backstage, then Waqas goes Jazakallah Khayr sis, i was like Smile.

Theeeeeeeeeeen afterwards long story short met some girl who got to meet them, she asked me to go with her, got my album got it signed by them and pictures with them but not so personally talking to em (except for isam who was a lil baffled lols)

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:56 pm Reply with quote
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OMG U r soooooo LUCKY. Wow, i see Isam can sometimes give dirty looks to people LOL. But wen i met him he was so nice and smiley. Maybe he was really tired or something but i see that Lenny was still his smiley self. Very Happy

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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:21 am Reply with quote
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Thanks for sharing Maryam


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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:26 pm Reply with quote
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Hahaha, reading this was fun!!
Zain and dawud are amazing people! I can't believe people can be so nice!!
But yepo, OL are great too. But omg Isam gave you weird looks!! How random of him!
But your experience was better than mine by milessss! lol, I'm jealous- you didn't have to wait around like i did!
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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:42 pm Reply with quote
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gurl you're lucky u got to meet OL...I'm just waitin for the day to come LOL...

by the way I'm Mariam toooo Very Happy Cool

Thanx for sharing and making us jealous....(just kidding)



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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:00 pm Reply with quote
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wow ur sooo lucky!! Very Happy

jealous Mad lol just kidding I'm really happy u got to meet OL.Hope I'll get 2 meet them too one day...

Can u show us the pictures if it's possible Wink

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:34 am Reply with quote
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hey maryam u funny gal lol rember that lil girl that got lost did we ever find her!

Well my story isnt as good as ms iraqistar over there lol

But i saw them in the morning practiseing sound checks
and then again when this guy imran needed someone to help take food to the islam channel i was like il do it VIP work was getting boring and i saw Lenny chillin in the corrider i ran to him lol and said hey and stuff and told him that i went to the camden gig and he was really nice chatting away then i had to go Sad

but then imran said did u wna take OL to the islam channel upstairs i was like hell yes! so took lenny isam and waqas there isam looked kinda sad not sure why they were enjoying the show from upstairs.

and then i saw them again wen i was handing out ISLAMIC RELIEF LEAFLETS TO DONATE MONEY AND cheekily i gave one to WAQAS and he took it lol so i gave one to isam and lenny too and i was like Please make a donation everyone LOL

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Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:31 pm Reply with quote
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that was sooo funny!! aww poor u, isam being mean! lol if i was u id probably do a million clumsy mistakes...and if i had to be in an elevator with them, boy i would be sooo embarassed. id probably stare at the wall the entire time.


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