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heey sami posted this on his facebook page..

Assalamu alaikom,

This morning I was made aware that Awakening Records have released what they claim to be my third album, which they are offering for sale on their website. I realize that this will be welcome news for many people, but my loyal supporters need to know that this album release is NOT taking place with my blessing OR my consent!

The tracks they have chosen to release are ‘work in progress’ and are almost entirely based on stolen mp3 demos that are far from complete and are certainly not of the high standard, lyrically, musically and technically, that I always insist upon. Consequently, for me to hear these incomplete recordings, that only represent a sketch of what I would wish to release for my discerning supporters, is painful beyond description. I therefore wish to make it perfectly clear that an album comprised of any such recordings could only be put on to the market against my wishes and without my specific approval.

I need to explain that, for the past year, I have been in dispute with Awakening Records, the main thrust of my grievances being their total lack of transparency in dealing with me. I have made strenuous efforts to resolve the accumulated issues that I kept turning a blind eye to, all the while maintaining a measured, polite and dignified means of communication, but to no avail.

Personally, I’m able to cope with the aggravation that I’ve had to endure during this past year, but I will NOT tolerate my brothers and sisters and my many loyal supporters being cheated, lied to and made a mockery of. BOYCOTT THEM!! They are unworthy of your support, in addition to which I can’t bear the thought of you shelling out your hard earned cash for music pretending to be my finest work, which it certainly isn’t! Equally unbearable is allowing these people who have abused my trust to profit from selling my music in a form that they know full well is incomplete and which, arguably, doesn’t even belong to them.

Please be patient. I am in the process of completing my album which will be ready in just a few short weeks and which I will make available at the earliest opportunity, but only when it is completed to my total satisfaction and which represents my musical, lyrical and spiritual hopes and aspirations for us all.

One thing that I will do, as a sign of my affection and respect for those many people of every nationality around the world that have supported me over these past years, is work through the night to prepare MY version of Palestine Forever and provide it as a free download on my new website:

Check it out tomorrow and keep the faith!

God bless you ALL




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xx ifrana xx
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