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Blue book: Isam Bachiri

Isam Bachiri, born 1977.
Lives in Copenhagen and have been married to a Moroccan woman. Together they have the son Isak in six months.
Has published three records with Outlandish, as well as the single "Isle of Man Binder Smoke on Hand and Mouth". Comes with the fourth in this spring.
The trio has sold a six-figured number records and won oceans of prices - for instance best Nordic name at MTV-Awards
Has published the solo-record "Institution" under the name Isam B.
Can from February 28th be experienced at Nørrebro Teater with the performance' 2200 Carmens'

We would like to be one people, but we are not

Before the opening night. Even here on Nørrebro, where the touch surface between the different cultures is largest, society has been separated completely, musician and making one's début actor Isam Bachiri say. Like this will be it supposed also here at the House, he terminates to the opening night at the performance' 2200 Carmens' at Nørrebro Teater
An eye opener. It impressed a great me that my father was derived just like that so well out from the neighbour, when we moved to Brøndby Strand. I wasn't usual to that one thus came into each other's home. But that gave me an understanding of that the issue is ethnicity or religion not at all - the issue is man completely commonplacely, says Isam Bachiri about the boyhoods in Brøndby Strand.

There is site at the House at Nørrebro Teater. It's Wednesday morning, and a couple of property men are turning the stage room into Nørrebro's real streets.

Out there - on the streets - a 41-year-old Macedonian was at night put out through the neck. The police think, the murder has been connected to the band showdown the newspapers have written about the last half year, and at the theatre's canteen the night's episode is debated intensely.

The tests to the music performance 2200 Carmen has been under way in some weeks, and while actors, singers, dancers and scriptwriters try to put Nørrebro's criminal underworld on the agenda, has that part of the district completely by itself sent the spotlight in that direction. If they see a lille-bit news in TV or looks in a newspaper once in a while, one is in doubt not. That burns on Nørrebro.

If one goes up Nørrebrogade in return and drifts around in the streets around Sankt Hans Torv and Assistens Kirkegård, it may be difficult to understand, an what it's the media scribe about. Nørrebro was to be Denmark's crucible of exotic culture and Danish welfare fatness, but there isn't a lot, which has become fused at the district.

In the café windows only pale faces and the shop assistants in Elmegade's design shops are caught a glimpse of has all by far fair hair. The greengrocers on the other hand have only golden skin, and the older men on the benches by Blågårds Plads speaker rare Danish, that doesn't need the now neither, because here aren't not very many, there talks Danish.

"Denmark is a small country and we'd like to then be one people. But it's we just not" , says Isam Bachiri. He shows round at Nørrebro Teater's labyrinthine walks, and now we has ended on the stage. In front of us the hall lies desertedly. The 31-year-old pop-star, from the band Outlandish, which last years sent out a solo-album under the name Isam B, stands right in front of still a début as an actor in 2200 Carmen, and right now he goes and tests his new songs to the piece together with his band.

"There are all sorts of environments in Denmark, and we have not at all been nominated on going across them. Even here on Nørrebro, where the touch surface between different cultures is largest, society is whole separated. There are cafés, where there only sit pink human beings, and others, where there is an only sitting brown. And if you go down into the Panum Institute's canteen at lunch time, it's like stepping into a prison film from Hollywood. Here the kinds with the kinds, the pennies with the pennies, the latinos sit with the latinos and the Pakistanis with the Pakistanis."

Isam Bachiri moves wildly the arm at the empty hall.

"Like this will be it probably also here at the House, when we get opening night. Even though the piece is about Nørrebro's cultures, it probably becomes only pale faces that are looking at. I hope it of course not, but I am afraid of it. That is parallel worlds."

Alfie Atkins and hiphop

"In Denmark I have been born, here I have at home" , sang Isam Bachiri on one's Danish-speaking solo-record Institution from 2007. According to three success albums' as front man in that English/Spanish-language Outlandishes turned he the look in against himself and Denmark. On the reviewer-praised album he gives for instance his idea as to how C.V. Jørgensen's old "Entertainer" can sound how it's to have to move to Malmö for one's love, about the Danes' attitudes to each other, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, empty churches and filled mosques. And then he made also his own version of H.C. Andersens "In Denmark I have been born." Because even though both his parents are Moroccan immigrants, it has such been landed lies. Born at the University Hospital of Copenhaguen, grown up on Islands Bruges in Copenhagen, and when Isam was 12 years, the family moved out of the town. Out for Brøndby Strand's great apartments, green communal areas and grey concrete.

"Beware of the boys", my main teacher said to my father, when we moved,' promise me it'. There was a straight criminal environment in Brønby at that time" , says he and laughs a little at the memory of that request, because even though the crime was rather massive in the area, it was that environment not at all that got hold of him. That was music.

Before Isam Bachiri came to Brøndby Strand, music played no role in his life.

His parents had well enough sent him in music school, but that didn't correctly bite, and the only culture, which became room for, was Indian anna and Member of the Women's Army Corps, Alfie Atkins and football. Thus, da Isam started at school in Brøndby, he was still a child. His mother cut his hair, combed his hair and bought his clothes, and he had rather never seen himself in the mirror. But then the shock occurred.

"Just suddenly one day I looked round in the class and that I was the only one, who wasn't wearing jeans. I either had no Ball-jumper or Marco Polo T-shirt, and from that day I started to look at me in a completely new way" , says Isam Bachiri.

"It also was at the time I met the boys (Lenny Martinez and Waqas Qadri from Outlandish, ed.), and then entered whole modern the mare me. The rap music, ghetto-style, break dance, the clothes, the gold necklaces; it all started to become fused. In Brøndby it was about that somebody dared confront the police and say the things that we experienced them. Thus instead of listening to Bruce Springsteen, whom we might also have done, was here something else, which was more rebellious and more directly expressed it, we felt in Brøndby Strand."

But the hiphop scene in Brøndby Strand was still a little strange copy of an American-environment that entirely didn't match match day-to-day life in Brøndby. In the real world Brøndby Strand was a through and through Danish middle class, where the bourgeois character throve. But for Isam Bachiri the place was an eye opener opposite new worlds. Not just artistic.

"That taught me a whole lot about being Danish. When we moved in, we got a fantastically nice neighbour, like we stopped a lot of. A hero commonly Danish middle class family, and my father really made friends with the man in the family I can remember that it much did impressions on me that my father just just like that could do with him. I wasn't usual to that one thus came into each other's home. But the issue gave me an understanding of that the issue is ethnicity or religion not at all - the issue is man completely commonplacely. But if one doesn't experience that kind away from home, it may be difficult to get that understanding. That is a rather commonplace insight, but it's something, I have considered a part, after I myself have become a father" , says Isam Bachiri, who got a son half a year ago.

"Therefore it was at all levels pioneering for me to come to Brøndby - even though we, shortly after we moved in, had break-ins."

To park the solidarity

Few human beings in Denmark have such a relationship with the neighbour, and according to Isam Bachiri it's connected among other things to the blind faith, we have to the authorities system. We know that the Welfare State takes care of our neighbour, if there happens him something, and we have paid for the solidarity over the treasure.

"We are of course to be proud and glad for our welfare system, but that has a back, I think. We really put our confidence to the system, but the system is precisely just a system. Listen to the word. That sounds like a machine. And it's self evident that there has to be more than that. The love to your children and family care for older people you cannot be worth it to through the treasure" , says Isam Bachiri and puts the finger on one of the sorest points for his own generation of new Danes.

"When our parents grow so old that they have to go at nursing homes there is really somebody, who gets himself a culture shock. Most off us would like to probably take themselves off them, and I am also nervous about that our parents actually expect it. One looks at it like that that the family is a responsibility. Your father took himself off you, when you were a baby, and therefore you have of course also to take yourself off him, when he no longer can manage. Therefore it's also looked down at the ones, that send their parents at nursing homes today, but that we come to in this generation. We are in the same boat as the rest of Denmark. We have culturally been seen deeply anchored in the Danish society, and here they build a floor not just to one's house, so that the parents can move in."

It becomes clearest for Isam Bachiri that he lives a completely different life than his parents did it, when he is back in Morocco. As recently, when he was in the country to his cousin's funeral. She turned only 27 and left herself three children and a husband.

"But then the man married the little sister."

- Oh!?

"Yes, it was also my reaction. But in that world it makes good sense. That is responsibility, and it's respectful. But it's deeply strange to stand to the funeral and think,' will you ever do it - no, that was what I didn't want to bloody'. At home the marriage is only about love. If the spark is there not, we say, if we do not feel it at first sight and everything the that - it's completely wrong. It is that is here normally. In Morocco the love idea also is a question of responsibility. And a question about providing for."

- How great a part of that culture is still with you?

"It is a question, I often ask myself, and it I handle first, when I travel to Morocco. Such as, when I am at my cousin's funeral and hear that her husband marries her sister, and everybody around you behaves as if, it's completely normal. Then you must just say,' okay - pretend to be nothing,' and then it rises for one that one doesn't all fit in there. That one just is on holiday in another culture, also even one much more easily glides into the street life." Isam Bachiri holds a long break.

"I think, everybody that are rooted in another country, have it such. My border goes at three weeks rather exactly. Then I'd home like to again."

Brandes and Blixen

It's at the a personal level not just, Isam Bachiri's fundamental world is Danish. In his art he has both as a soloist and in Outlandish thrown himself out in interpretations by the greatest Danish culture leaders as Poul Henningsen and H.C. Andernsen and on the cover for Institution he thanks among others Karen Blixen and Georg Brandes.

"For me it's about being humble face to face with one's roots" , says he.

"These personalities are completely unshakable in the Danish cultural heritage, and at the same time are the people who have, dared put themselves forward and give the world something timeless, which not just was what people wanted to have. It also is the purpose of it, I myself make, and the whole reason for that I am in this trade."

He specifies his points, with the individual leaders:

"I like that Karen Blixen lived in Kenya in more years and wrote about a completely open mind. That entire way of thinking about just travelling to another country and settling to fall in. That is wildly inspiring. And when I began to read Brandes it dawned on me that he really was, who dared to be different from the flock. He was a Jewish in a time, where it really wasn't particularly popular to be a Jewish. The same courage is characteristic of P.H.'s "Isle of Man Binder Smoke on Mouth and Hand" that we have also performed. That is a perfect timeless text, and then it's a fantastic example of the beautiful things you can say with art - I do not have anything in return for that art becomes political, as long as it has been made tasteful."

Religion a private matter

Isam Bachiri is orthodox Muslim, which has often been the main angle in the interviews he has given to the media in the course of time. Often he and Outlandish (Waqas Qadri have is also Muslim) put up in the middle of a heated up debate about oppression of women and Islamic fundamentalism, and Isam Bachiri hasn't always been entirely without guilty of that war. Like when he at the Crown prince and wife's engagement concert in Parken warned Mary Donaldson against Pia Kjærsgaard, but the later years has both he and sworn held low profile. For Isam Bachiri religion may only be a private case.

"I know well, somebody has a picture of Islam as someone mass movement, where all of us together hike to Mecca, but religion is a private matter - that is what it will always be and if it isn't, one has a problem. And then they gains neither what a religion are to do for one's spiritual body" , says he.

"It is a lonely project - it it. It's your project, it's your test. You are here and now, take care to be good human being, because when you face your creator, it's your ass that is at stake. That is only you, and therefore you can put a shit neither in that the Danes want to not come to churches on Sunday, or that the mosques are completely full on Friday. One stands there only."

But even though Bachiri considers his religion a solo-project, it hasn't prevented debaters from again and again pull Isam Bachiri and Outlandish into the Islam debate at the latest in 2008, where debaters in Jyllands-Posten have charged the band with to have "been married off for the integration", "support the darkest and mostly ignorant reactionary strength" knows an Islamic conference in Canada the group didn't participate in, by willing occur together with a singer with just arms and "work with a hatred seriously and deliberately" against the west. Both record company and Islam researchers have however turned down the accusations like the clean nonsense, and the same makes Isam Bachiri himself. But he is surprised over where that hate originates from.

"I do not know what I have to say to it. I do not understand where all that hate comes from. I and the boys are of course fed up with that we have always to talk about religion and terrorism, but on the other hand it well bargains also over that people are curious" , says he appeasingly.

"And then they feel that there is war in the world. It really is a hot potato to be a Muslim today." He laughs.

"Really a hot potato."

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