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Asallam Alykom my dear brothers and sisters and morors....I wanted to share this msg with yoiu hope that it will help us all be better people.inshAllah amin.

While I was depressed watching the news about Muslims and thinking ofthe afflictions that befell them, I heard a voice inside me saying "Itis you who delay Muslims' victory. You are the principal cause of allthe afflictions that Muslims suffer from." I wondered, "How come this while I am an ordinary person and do nothave any power over my nation? Had I given the Muslims any order orcounsel, they would have never abided by it ..." The voice interrupted me: "It is your sins and faults, it is yourdefying Allah's orders, your negligence of duties, and your keennessto run after temptations that delays victory." I replied, "What did I do so that you blame me for delaying Muslims' victory?" The voice said, "Oh you! By Allah! Should I numerate your faults? Itwould take a long a time. For instance, do you observe the Fajr Prayerin congregation?" I answered, "Sometimes I do, and sometimes I miss it …" The voice interrupted me again: "See the contradiction! You claim youcan fight against your enemy in Allah's cause. How can you say sowhile you cannot resist yourself in a simple matter that would notcost you blood or money? You are not able to make yourself stick toobserving in congregation two rak`ahs prescribed by Almighty Allah.You, likewise, neglect offering the regular sunnah Prayers, anddisregard reciting the Qur'an regularly. You forget saying the morningand evening adhakr. You do not lower your gaze, nor do you obey yourparents or observe your ties of kinship." The voice continued, "You call for applying Allah's Law in yourcountry. How do you call for this, while you do not abide by ityourself or enjoin your family to do so? You do not observe yourduties towards your family. You do not guide them to the right path orcare whether the money you spend on them is lawful or illicit. You, infact, fall under the category that Allah describes in His Book asthose who [love wealth with abounding love] (Al-Fajr 89:20). All thishas entailed Almighty Allah's punishment on you …" I interrupted, "What does all this have to do with delaying victory?Would the nation's victory be delayed only because of the faults ofone among billions of people?" The voice replied, "Certainly, yes. There are millions like you in theMuslim world. All follow the same wrong path, neglecting their dutiesand falling into sins, thinking that victory will come because thereare other people in the nation who are righteous. But the bitter truthis that almost all are the same. Do you not know that when theCompanions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would askAllah for victory and it did not come at once, they would then realizethat there was someone in the army who had committed a sin? Comparethis to the condition of the nation nowadays when all, old or young,ordinary or influential, are falling into sins! Is this not enough tobring about all what Muslims suffer around the globe?" Tears began to flow down my face. I had never thought that I, the manwho dearly loves Allah and His Messenger as well as Islam and Muslims,would ever be a cause to Muslims' defeat or share in this way inshedding rivers of innocent Muslim blood in many places in the world! It was very easy for me to place the blame on the governments, rulers,and kings of the Muslim countries in this respect, but to ever thinkof my faults and sins as a cause to Muslims' suffering, this had neveroccurred to me. I had not meditated upon Almighty Allah's words: [Lo!Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) changethat which is in their hearts] (Ar-Ra`d 13:11). I addressed the voice: "Any way, I praise Almighty Allah that He gaveme a self-reproaching soul (like you). What counsel do you give me?" The voice said, "Take the initiative. Observe your duties, be keen onperforming the prescribed Prayers on time, pay zakah, and beware ofshowing ingratitude to your parents. Get closer to Almighty Allah byoffering additional acts of worship. Never lose a chance, even iflittle, in this regard. Remember that it is a kind of charity(sadaqah) to smile upon your fellow Muslims. Do not call for somethingwhile your acts indicate the contrary. For instance, do not call forapplying Shari`ah unless you are a living example of abiding by itsteachings at home and work. Likewise, do not call for jihad while youare not able to resist your inner weakness. In the same manner, do notblame others for what you are responsible for. Reform yourself and seta good example for others wherever you go. If you are used tocriticizing others' behavior, stop it now, for critics are many. Afteryou abide by all this, you can sincerely ask Allah for help andgranting Muslims victory. Then you will be one of the believers aboutwhom Almighty Allah says [O ye who believe! If ye help Allah, He willhelp you and will make your foothold firm] (Muhammad 47:7). Bear inmind that every sin you commit and every duty you neglect would be aproof against you in the case of the innocent Muslim blood shed inmany places in the world." Upon this I lifted my head up towards Heaven in repentance and wipedmy tears saying "O Allah! I ask You for forgiveness." I made up my mind to have a new beginning and I started by offeringtwo rak`ahs for Allah's sake in the midst of night. May Allah help mestick to this path. -- "Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar tothe one who performs it." Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)[Sahih Muslim]Share with others

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Thanks for sharing this, this is so true... change should begin from oneself


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Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:41 am Reply with quote
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thanx sis for sharing!
u r absolutely rite!
we're keeping victory from ourselves!

I be ur bullet proof vest- u under my protection

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