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Bad_Ree Bad_Ree
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Carmen in the year 2009

A one-eyed drug dealer, intense gang war, Serbian Carmens, a greenhorn of a street officer and Isam B from the hiphop group Outlandish are some of the ingredients in the music performance" 2200 Carmens", that is an updated version of Prosper Mérimée's love story from 1845.

Story about the gipsy Carmen has tugged from Seville to Nørrebro at the music performance " 2200 Carmens" at Nørrebro Teater, where a young street officer from Nørrebro Nærpoliti falls in love with Serbian Carmens. She has deeply been involved in the criminal gang Black Fury, married off with a one-eyed drug shark and has a heart that is just as hard as the pavement.

Isam B from Outlandish has been involved in the project from start. He has written and sings the songs in the performance - and has helped to move the action in "Carmen" from 1845 to 2009 and attach history to Nørrebro. Isam B has grown up on Amager and in Brøndby Strand, but he has been born on Nørrebro and always has have had his walk at the district.

"I do not have a very personal relationship with Nørrebro - and an outdistanced condition through the media whom many other people", says Isam B, who takes the media's portraits of the district with a grain of salt. In his opinions reality draws another and more many-facetted picture by Nørrebro.

"There are something Carmen via Nørrebro. Nørrebro has just as Carmen many faces and one's completely own way to exist. Politicians try constant to paw over Nørrebro and try to control the district. The men try to come close to Carmen and control her. The problem is just that it always ends a little wrongly", says Isam B, who thinks that Carmen and Nørrebro are staggered face to face with the same things.

"It helps not just to tighten the rope. On the contrary it can strengthen the problems. In comparison with Nørrebro I think personally that one reaches farthest with a good dialogue with the different enclaves that necessarily do not have any contact with each other today. They live on different planets and wanted to benefit from having an attitude to each other - or just a knowledge. Nørrebro's problems are to be solved by Nørrebro's residents", thinks Isam B, who describes Nørrebro's diversity with band showdowns, expensive foraeldrekøbslejligheds, the immigrant country in the lyricses north of Jagtvej, prayers at the kiosks' back rooms, café the latte-segment about Skt. Hans Torv, hash trade at the schoolyards and the new youth center on Dortheavej.

All men are interested in Carmen, but it aren't everybody that voluntarily have their walk on Nørrebro. Stand-up comedian and creative theatre manager at Nørrebro Teater, Jonatan Spang, put body until the young police officer, Jens, from Nørrebro Nærpoliti - and he'd much rather patrol on the streets on Østerbro. In one of Isam B's songs Nørrebro's sombre pages are described.

The hash club's dealer stands at the schoolyard readily
Nørrebro wake up!
Jønke licks wounds after enough a raid the biker gang member castle
Nørrebro wake up!
Punchers, bloody foreigners, police put out the night's fire and closes last scream
Nørrebro wake up!
A sleepy morning meeting on Dorteavej arranges youngating in a new life
Nørrebro wake up!
A graffiti cleaner clean roofs of H.C. Andersen's grave
Nørrebro wake up!
Traffic-free slalom at Nørrebrogade and chaos in
the side streets
Nørrebro wake up!
There indeed is something Carmen via Nørrebro this morning

Conventional are neither Nørrebro nor Carmen.
"Carmen doesn't live one 9-17-liv. And she refuses in every possible way to adjust herself, so that she fits down a beforehand-defined box. She is dangerous, but she isn't boring", Isam B says.

While working with the performance, the gang war flared up on Nørrebro. After the police put against hard hard on Pusher Street on Christiania, has the hash sale become the heart in the war between rival gangs. The scriptwriter has been with the police on patrol and has made research in different backgrounds and talked with different human beings.
"It has been important for us that the performance stays as important right now as possible, and the action takes place mainly in band environment", explains Isam B.

Like Nørrebro are the team behind the performance a multicoloured flock. Dance, music and plays meet in" 2200 Carmens".
"We are busy getting theory to turn into practices and integrate the different genres into the performance. We come all with each our ingredient. Normally I do not make such here, but I think that Nørrebro Teater does a quite good piece of work and shows how the things can be done in an innovative and creative way", says Isam B, who also earlier has put older texts into a contemporary context.

For instance together the rest of the band Outlandish in the interpretation of Poul Henningsen's text "Isle of Man Binder Smoke on Mouth and Hand" and on the solo-album "Institution", where he sings "I Danmark er jeg født", as if H.C. Andersen wrote in 1850.

"If one makes it correct,", it can incredible powerful out of it", says Isam B, who has seen different modern interpretations by "Carmen". They haven't all been just successful.
"I saw a version (the film "A Hip Hopera", ed.), where Beyoncé player Carmen. It didn't go so well. I think that the mistake was that Beyonce is too beautiful to play Carmen. Mystique was missing. Carmen isn't a classic beauty.

It isn't it, she drives on. It's more her life style that is interesting and establishes the agenda. That raises the question: What is a beautiful woman? Carmen doesn't live up to the common definitions by beauty. Still all the men are interested in her", Isam B says.

Ethnicity is an eternal current subject on Nørrebro, and the flock behind" 2200 Carmens" represent not only different genres. Quite a few are rooted just as Isam B., whose family comes from Morocco, in other cultures.

"Ethnicity doesn't fill with specially a lot the performance. It isn't about that a Dane falls in love with an immigrant girl. In the original version there is put neither particularly a lot of weight that Carmen is a gipsy. The performance is about individuality - generalizations", Isam B says.

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Moro! Moro!
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sounds kool Very Happy

thnx sooo much 4 sharin Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Thanks a lot
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Moro! Moro!
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Thx for sharing! Very Happy sounds good Smile
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WoooooooooooooooW ... Very Happy

thanks for sharing ... Smile

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I lOst ma ♥DaD♥… SadSadSad
I cant Believe it yet…
I feel like dying……

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Bad_Ree Aka!!!! You are great!!!!!!!!!!!
thank u!!!!!!!!!!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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Awesome ! Laughing I can't wait to see a video with Isam performing his songs at the theatre!!! Very Happy
Peace to all the moros

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