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Isam B: I am not Mr. Confident

Isam Bachiri - better known as Isam B. from Outlandish - have taken the leap from music to theater and has recently been father. "Professionally, I have some very clear vision, but when it comes to family and relationships, I am not a Mr. confident," he said.

One early morning a few months ago Isam Bachiri took leave of his wife, while she nursed the couple's little son, Isac.

He drove to Copenhagen Airport in order to travel to Manchester. On the flight he turned over the page amused in a pressed warehouse that lay in the pocket together with the plane's emergency instructions in front of his seat. Between blank alcohol- and perfume advertisements and lightly forgetable fashion- and metropolis reports froze his eyes suddenly firmly on a photo, which hit him just in the diaphragm.
"The picture showed an African woman, who was to nurse her child. There was nothing milk in the chest. The child had like that a dead expression in one's opinions. It was awful. I had just left my wife behind at home in Denmark, while she nursed our son. The picture hit me hard. I'd think of how terrible it must be not to be able to provide for its child."
Isam Bachiri - better known as lead singer Isam B. from Outlandish - sitting in a practice room at Nørrebro Teater in Copenhagen suburb, where he was born 31 years ago, the son of Moroccan parents. He is polite, casual and cool. His jacket with a short waist, jeans and T-shirts doesn't resemble anything accidental from a mail order company. Hairs and beard have been newly-trimmed. The sun glasses sit in the pan readily to be drawn down, if a flash or a sun ray had to look over. He greets with a firm handshake and eye contact and smiles meetingly at the journalist.

We sit down at a table surrounded by musical instruments and music rests. It's here at the room that he together with the lyric poet Tore Eg Jørgensen and the producer Søren Mikkelsen makes music to the performance" 2200 Carmens", that is premiered tonight. That is a music performance. A love story at 2200 Nørrebro. A story about a multicultural district. And Isam B. be in addition to writing music performance be telling voice.

This interview is neither to be about the actual performance nor about how Isam B. looks at integration and cultural clashes with his Moroccan and Muslim background.
That has to be about crossings in life. About self-assurance. And about standing in the middle of a ford in life. In addition to temporarily take the leap from music to theater scene - a new album from Outlandish will be published in May - Isam B. was married and has recently become a father.

"I am probably in a period in my life where I expand my horizons and try out new genres in the creative. Besides sample forces in theater, then I have with a friend developed some ideas and script for the film - a project which I hope will be realized. I have always been a creative man with a love to express themselves both musically on stage and on video. "

"In the creative industry, networks are everything, "says Isam B. Without it you are nothing. Unless you have a network, you can be very talented. Nobody will notice it. It is also the network he has built up through his career as a musician who has given him the opportunity to try themselves in the theater. That he has dared to take the plunge, is also due to his age and professional experience as a musician, he has accumulated during more than a decade.

"I have become more open. Earlier I'd only work with music from one fixed angle. But now I dare open more up. I have been a very closed book within what I have made. I have stuck to be urbane artist or hiphop artist, and I haven't wanted to step too much besides in comparison with it. But in the course of time one becomes more self-assured and dares examine strength with new things."
Isam B. can clearly exploit his musician routine at the theatre, but there is anyhow great difference between the two forms of appearance, he says. On the theater scene the issue isn't his own stories, but the piece, the issue is.
"When I at one time I was contacted by Nørrebro Teater, said clearly that I am not any an actor. They had been to one of my concerts. There I tell stories about where I get the ideas for my music. That, they thought, were hugely funny, and that was what they'd like to use in constellation with "Carmen 2200". Thus they took me in and said: "You have just to play yourself and to do, as if you use to do." "I do not want to go preferably out in something, where I have to dance synchronously with five other dancers or to try to cry. It wanted to apparently not go particularly well. I am not any an actor."

Looking Isam B. and the other boys from Outlandish - Lenny Martinez and Waqas Qadri with roots in Honduras and Pakistan - you are beaten by their steel, the self-confidence. They are really cool, providing safe and exudes an enormous surplus. Isam B. laughs when you ask him if he is always so confident?
"It certainly depends on what situation we are talking about. In an artistic context, I would be very assertive and dictatorial because I have some very strong visions of what I want. But I am not Mr. confident when it comes to relationships and family. Here are some others who take over. The reason for that I might seem so confident on stage or in the studio is that I feel is that this is my world. But I can promise you that there are other balls in the soup at home in the family. "

The fact that he is now father has made him more vulnerable. The image of the African mother and her child would also have hit him when he was younger, but the tragedy is emotionally closer to when you have a child. That was what he also felt when he was in Morocco a month ago in connection with a death in the family.

"I had lost a cousin at 27 years, which left the husband and three children, of whom the youngest was four years and had not yet realized that his mother was not there more. It was an eye-opener to see such a young person to go away and leave small children. It was emotionally hard. The day after I came home from Morocco, should I be in Amsterdam and I was pretty stressed and shaky when I was on stage. We carried out but the boys could feel that I was beside myself. "

Isam B.'s son just were named Isac. Of several reasons. Firstly with reference for the prophet Isac, and secondly because the name means "the one, that teaches". And because the Danish author Karen Blixen who Isam B. love, wrote under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen.

Isam was along, when his wife gave birth.
"It was a huge experience and also a huge upheaval. One gentleman was shocked - and happy of course. Birth was not quite as planned. It took just a few complications, but the baby was healthy and everything was cool. They at any rate said a number prayers."

Which thoughts went through the head on you, when you became a father?
"Ugh!. That a child just got a child. I didn't feel, I was ready. I felt that it was incomprehensible that I stood there and was a father. It takes time to understand it when you have long been a bachelor and used to walk in the bio, and so do yours, and so do dat. Suddenly I stood there and thought: "Now I am just as my own father". But I was of course happy. I have started on a new chapter in life. I have for a long time gone and wished to become a father, so that one isn't far too old, when the children are young."

Have you had opposite feelings about becoming a father?
"Yes. How many pairs do not go from each other in the first period, after they just got a child? There are so many things, you have to find out about together, so that it's huge important to be patient and restrain one's anger, when the child wants to not sleep, and when one doesn't get one's night's sleep. Part of the hardest becoming a father is that one constantly is on. I am an artist, and I am usual to that I create the greatest art, when I am bored. There arise the best ideas. But I have no longer time to be being bored and consider the things. When one comes home from work, one is on. Then I have to change my son, and when one is done with it, you have to give him porridge, and then he has to be added to sleep, and then it drives. First after that you can maybe lie and laze a little. But it's great to become a father. It teaches one what one's parents have been through. " "

Has it changed your condition to your parents?
'Yes. I have become better friends with them because we have a new common denominator in terms of Isac. They love him also. It also begins to give the family more time at all. It is important to have family around them. "

Isam B. says - although he was born and raised in Denmark - with a foot in two cultures, and this will also be for his son. Also he will be marked by both Danish and Moroccan values.
"I want to give him the best of both worlds - both in relation to my roots in Morocco and my home here in Denmark. I want to give him an edge over the two. The language is important. Danish, I am not worried. He must learn to speak Arabic, because his grandmother and mother speak Arabic. And he must learn to speak Berbers, because it speaks both I and my parents. And I would also like that he learns English. It is quite a task. I also give him some of the traditions - including religious - I have received from my parents. "

Is there some special values from your Moroccan and Danish background, you would like to pass on to him?
'The values are much hand in hand. He must learn respect for others, including respect for older people who come to the Islamic tradition. He must learn the values of gratitude, humanity and patience. I would not be afraid of - if he'd like - throw him in college. I would like to see him learn to be open, so he is not afraid of his neighbor, or what is on the other side. We have had a tendency to in our generation. It is also linked to how the world looks like now. There is a mistrust between people. We have many different communities (grupper. Ed.) In society, and they do not talk much together. People can have neighbors, Danes, Turks, or what they now are, as they are not talking to. As they can not even say hello to, although they have lived side by side for decades. They have just become accustomed to that neighbor is nobody. I would like to see my son open and tolerant, and I think that the best way to reach by taking off and traveling and meeting people with different cultural and religious backgrounds. The teacher also by opening her home to people from diverse backgrounds. It sounds very simple, but it is actually quite rare. Such things are rather important for how a child is shaped, I think."

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hey it's so good to see that Isam carries about his son's future and has the ideas and plans about how to educate him..And it's all true what Isam says: 'That a child just got a child' Very Happy we can easily see the prankster look on his face Very Happy

smile is a charity..
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I agree with you about the pranskter looks:D Isac is a very beautiful name by the way. Thanks badree for giving such important news Smile

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Wow thanx for sharing Very Happy its Great Very Happy Really intresting...

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thnx 4 sharing Very Happy

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thanks for sharing ... Smile

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nice interview mashallah Smile
thanks bro


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thax 4 sharin

I lOst ma ♥DaD♥… SadSadSad
I cant Believe it yet…
I feel like dying……

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