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Outlandish - Sound Of A Rebel (CD pre-order )
Outlandish - Sound Of A Rebel - album cover

Good news for our danish moros, you can now pre-order your hard copy of the new album Sound Of A Rebel online at RunForCoverShop.dk.
Posted on 24 Apr 2009 by elmoro4life
Sound of a Rebel - Album Review by Nihal from BBC
Nihal from BBC Radio 1 has wrote a review about OL's forthcoming album on his blog.

The following will give an idea about "Sound Of A Rebel" to those of you who can't wait for its release:

The new Outlandish album!

I have been sent the new Outlandish album, it's called Sound Of A Rebel. After the massive success of Bread And Barrels of Water and the soulful introspection of Closer Than Veins that was less commercially accessible, Outlandish have found the balance between staying true to their spiritual and socially aware beliefs and their ability to write a song with big hooks and a soaring chorus for dancefloors , MP3 players and car stereos alike.

Levanta has a funky latin vibe to it with a flute bouncing around within the beats. Begins with Marching beats designed to march...
Posted on 17 Apr 2009 by elmoro4life
"Dale Duro" - New song, different sound!

Sound Of A Rebel

Dale Duro, a new song from (Sound Of A Rebel) OL's forthcoming album can now be heard on their official Myspace page

The count down to the album release started, "Sound Of A Rebel" will be released May 11th 2009.
Posted on 16 Apr 2009 by elmoro4life
Outlandish in Palestine!! (But...)
Waqas Ali
Our moros in Palestine we'll finally get a chance to see Outlandish!!

The band is going to have a concert July 1st 2009 at the Cultural Palace in Ramallah (West Bank). The guys has an important fan base in Palestine especially after the release of "Look Into My Eyes" a song that addresses the insecure situation of innocent Palestinians in the occupied territories.

For some reasons the concert won't be available for all Palestinians. Here's the problem, Ramallah is only about 1 and a half hour from Gaza which is a part of Palestine of course but If you watch the news or read newspapers you'll know that currently it is impossible for moros in there (and there's many by the way) to cross the borders of Gaza Strip, because of the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation forces. You can know more about the situation by checking this blog post by Lina, one of our moros from Gaza

Posted on 05 Apr 2009 by elmoro4life
Outlandish' New Album Name & Track Listing Unveiled!
Sound of a Rebel

Finally we got more informations about the forthcoming album by Outlandish as many Danish music websites started publishing news about it.

According to SoundVenue.com[1], Avisen.dk[2] and 100FM.dk[3], Outlandish named the album "Sound of a Rebel". the websites also unveiled the release date (May 11th, 2009) and track listing:

  1. Rock All Day
  2. Feels Like Saving the World
  3. Levanta
  4. Keep the Record on Play
  5. Always Remember
  6. The Emperor's New Beat
  7. Let Off Some Steam
  8. Amen
  9. Someday
  10. Dale Duro
  11. Crash n’ Burn
  12. Sound of a Rebel

-Edited: Outlandish updated the official Facebook page confirming the news.
Posted on 02 Apr 2009 by elmoro4life
Rock All Day - Outlandish' New single 2009!!!

Rock All Day - Outlandish

Sony BMG has released a new single by Outlandish called "Rock All Day", the single can be purchased as MP3 from major music websites such as iTunes. The release date of the new album isn't known yet, but there's news going around about a possible release in May.

Here's a sample of Rock All Day:

You can buy this song as MP3 from any of the following digital download stores:
Rock All Day on iTunes
Rock All Day on Mtv3.fi
Rock All Day on Zazell.nl
Rock All Day on Cm-store.fi
Posted on 29 Mar 2009 by elmoro4life
Daggry - Waqas Qadri's new music video
Today Waqas released his second music video for the single "Daggry" (sunrise) from his debut album “Øko Logik”, he also wrote the following blog about the video:

"One cameraman and me out on a cold rainy day without any lighting or assistent. The music came from my ipod which I hid under my t-shirt so people looked at me as if I was crazy but the end result was good we think so here goes enjoy my latest video called (Sunrise)"

You can watch Daggry's music video here:

Posted on 18 Mar 2009 by elmoro4life
Isam B with band - 2200 Carmen - New Album
Isam B med band

The music from the show named "2200 Carmen" is available on CD! You can buy the CD from the ticket office at Nørrebro Teater for 120 kr. The music is composed and written by Isam B, Soren Mikkelsen and Tore Eg.

Ticket Office opening hours;
Monday-Friday: 14-19
Saturday: 14-16
Sunday: Closed

Also you can buy it online here:
Isam B med band - 2200 Carmen - Buy Online

Read the lyrics for all songs in the album:
2200 Carmen Lyrics
Posted on 11 Mar 2009 by Awayclose
Akon , Jokeren and Waqas live @ VEGA

Tuesday, March 3rd Akon will give a concert with special appearance by Waqas and another danish artist know as Jokeren, the concert will be held at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is possible to win tickets to the concert through various competitions, e.g. to enter MSN's one, simply answer the following question :

What's the name of Akon's latest album?

* Freedom
* Konvicted

Send an email to akonjokerenwaqaskonkurrence@live.dk with your answer and full address, for more informations visit MSN's website.

Update: Akon cancels concert
http://gaffa.dk/nyhed/31427 - The Senegalese star had to have performed in Vega tonight, but must announce cancellation due to illness.
TDC had this evening planned to present a concert with Akon in Store Vega, but they have just received a cancellation from the Senegalese star, has announced that he is too ill to travel to Denmark. It is, however, the organizers managed to find a replacement name for evening's concert, therefore you will be able to experience Outlandish. It is also as planned could see both Jokeren and Waqas.

Update by Awayclose
Posted on 25 Feb 2009 by elmoro4life
"Ud & Se" Magazine Cover Issue - Isam B

Isam B is the cover subject for the February 2009 issue of "Ud & Se", danish magazine.

You can read the magazine in danish here: "Ud & Se" February 2009 Issue

Or you can read the english translation by clicking "Read More".
Posted on 22 Feb 2009 by Awayclose
Forfoerelsen - new song by Isam B!

Moros here's "Forførelsen", one of 8 new danish songs that Isam B will be performing during the new musical play 2200 Carmen.

Forførelsen er den første offentlige af ca. 8 sange fra forårets musikforestilling på Nørrebro Teater, 2200 Carmen.

Isam B er på scenen hvor han sammen med sit band vil spille sangene´som soundtrack til krigen på Nørrebro mellem den øjede narkogangster og politimanden Jens. Det er kampen om den skønne pige Carmen - og blodet vil flyde i gaderne.
Posted on 04 Feb 2009 by elmoro4life
Vote for Waqas' danish single!

Waqas dansih single (Daggry) featuring Steffen Brandt is a candidate for two weeks in a row on the national danish radio P3's hit list. It would be so much appreciated if you could help by voting for Vicky Bhai's track.

In order to vote please email tjeklisten@dr.dk with names of 5 tracks from the "Kandidater" list you'll find on the following website http://www.dr.dk/P3/Tjeklisten/Lister/. make sure Waqas' DAGGRY is one of the 5 tracks you wrote in your message then send it to the email address above.

You can vote until Tuesday
Posted on 02 Feb 2009 by elmoro4life

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