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Isam B to become a father!
Isam B

Here's a recent interview made by a danish website about Isam B's upcoming Voxhall concert in Århus. Beside the concert, he also shared his excitement for becoming a father and gave a clue about the release date of Outlandish's next album. read the full interview by clicking "Read More".

You can also watch a photo album from Isam B's Fredagsrock concert which happened in Tivoli, on 16th May by visiting the following link: Fredagsrock, Tivoli, 16 May 2008 - Photo Album
Posted on 24 May 2008 by Awayclose
Outlandish at Islam Expo July'08
Outlandish and other artists will be performing at a concert by Islam Expo this summer 2008.

Find more informations about Islam Expo, tickets and how to get there by visiting www.IslamExpo.com
Posted on 05 May 2008 by elmoro4life
Isam B at the Amnesty International Conference
Isam B performed live at the Amnesty International conference in Fyn, Denmark April 26th.

Watch him telling his opinions then performing "I Only Ask Of God" and "I Danmark er jeg fodt" by clicking 'Read More'
Posted on 30 Apr 2008 by elmoro4life
Vollsmose's culture house concert (April 5th 2008)
OutlandMoro 2008 OutlandMoro 2008 OutlandMoro 2008

Outlandish gave a small concert yesterday celebrating the opening of Vollsmose's culture house, visit the following links to watch some clips of their performance: --1-- --2--, member Isam B also performed as a solo artist his song "I Danmark er jeg født"
Posted on 06 Apr 2008 by elmoro4life
OutlandMoro - The New Album is Out!!!!!
OutlandMoro 2008
Read the full story by clicking • Read more •!!!
Posted on 01 Apr 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish getting ready for the US tour!
Outlandish started rehearsal with a new supporting band for their upcoming US tour this summer.

Watch some clips here:

The guys also have confirmed in a new official blog post that they are still working on their 4th album!
Posted on 29 Mar 2008 by elmoro4life
Outlandish at EOI London - New Song!
Im sure some of you turned up to the EOI event yesterday, Mashallah it was amazing, so many people and the acts were great. Outlandish were amazing aswell. This time, Jonas and Turkman turned up aswell and made the night even better.

Outlandish played a appreciatin' remix with the back beat of jesus walks, it was amazing, heres a video for y'all moros out there!!

NOTE: the sound is funny because I was in front row, riighhhtt next to the speakers so turn the sound down a little and you will be able to hear it clearer.

P.S I respect the wishes of outland, so if they wish the video not to be put up them im sorry yall, gonna have to take it down :)

Posted on 24 Mar 2008 by Mericity
Outlandish to tour the US for the 1st time!

Outlandish will be headlining MAS Youth's Voices For Change in their first United States tour.

The guys are going to perform live in the following cities: Los Angeles, Tampa, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago and New York.

Book your tickets and find full informations about the tour on MAS Youth's Voices For Change website.
Posted on 14 Mar 2008 by elmoro4life
Isam B's Radio Tour
Isam B, Click for more pics!
Promoting his debut album, Isam B have just finished a Radio Tour where he did lot of interviews and performed acoustic versions of "I Danmark er jeg født" at many of Denmark's most popular radio stations.

You can download one of these performances in MP3 format by following this link or watch it live from the studio by clicking Read more , you'll also find another cool video of Isam Bachiri playing a game in a garden!

*Find some pictures by visiting our Gallery
Posted on 04 Mar 2008 by elmoro4life
Download OL's performance and interview @ Desi DNA ‘08

Outlandish recently did an interview with Bobby Friction from BBC Asian Network After the Desi DNA Show, they talked about so many topics including their new Album and how they like performing and doing so many tours and gigs..

You can download the full interview from our Live Videos section.

You can also download the full performance they did at Scala for the Desi DNA ‘08 show here
Posted on 29 Feb 2008 by elmoro4life
Adil Ray Interview - Desi DNA MP3s

Adil Ray from BBC Asian Network interviewed Outlandish just before their Desi DNA Performance and it was broadcasted on radio on 14th February. Download it here:

Adil Ray Interview - BBC Asian Network

Downlaod Outlandish's Desi DNA Performance in mp3 format below:

Kom Igen - Desi DNA 2008

Peelo - Desi DNA 2008

Callin' U - Desi DNA 2008
Posted on 15 Feb 2008 by Awayclose
Nihal's Interview with Outlandish at Desi DNA

Outlandish were one of the acts performing at Desi DNA December 17th 2007. Nihal from BBC Asian Network made a backstage interview with them which you can watch by clicking Read more or here by visiting OLVideo.

Their performance of Kom Igen is previously posted in the news archive, here's a link if you wanna watch it.
Posted on 09 Feb 2008 by elmoro4life

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