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"My experiences with meeting Outlandish"
This Post was sent by fan from the United States:

Salam, shanty, fred, paz, and peace!

Just wanted to give all you moros a little taste of my experiences with meeting Outlandish because somehow I just got lucky during this US tour (twice!). I attended the concert in Chicago, and was blown away! I had seen Isam & Waqas at RIS5 before, but of course Lenny added so much more the concert :) . And with the live band and Jonas, it was amazing. After the concert, I had the privilege of seeing them twice, but a week later.

First time I met them, at a Meet & Greet in a cafe in Downtown Detroit on 6/12 where Outlandish took part on a panel on Hip Hop. (about 30 people) They discussed their ideas of what Hip Hop is and its effects on their lives (Isam sat on the panel but Waqas added to the conversation). It was a really small and intimate gathering. Among the others on the panel was Jessica Care Moore (an internationally known spoken word artist). It was a Thursday night ritual that they have open mic at that café, so local performers started coming in and sharing their work. All of them did spoken word (OL talks about it in their blog on Myspace) Isam, Waqas, Lenny, Suad (Isam's wife), and their tour manager were there. Their band hadn't made it into Detroit yet due to a flight cancellation.

There was an intermission and OL was leaving, as well as me and my friends that were there. It was the perfect opportunity to talk to them, because the gathering was so small, and the air was so energetic. Waqas talked to us about the new album saying it will drop the beginning of next year. He said if we liked Bread & Barrels of Water, we will love this one. It's very different then Closer Then Veins. He said Closer Then Veins expressed how OL was at that point in their lives, and although they are still spiritual people, it tended to make people put them in a box, which isn't good for artists trying to express themselves. He said he was happy working on this album because they finally got themselves an office and studio to work in, although alot of their work happens on their own computers (Waqas said he did alot of his work on his own laptop). They're very excited for their new album, so look out for it! The song they performed at the concerts here is called "Let Off Some Steam" which is reggae inspired in which Waqas sings, and he does an amazing job!

I didn't have much of a chance to talk to Isam, he was busy talking to other people the whole time. Lenny was VERY cool to talk to. Very laid back and genuinely interested in talking to everyone. And he's really funny!

Next day--Friday 6/13 (about 40 people) MAS Youth Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

As a volunteer for the event, we were invited to a restaurant in Dearborn, MI to have lunch with Outlandish. It was an unbelievable experience. Each event was unique in its own way. The café experience was cool because there were very select few people who knew who they were so we got to talk to them. But the lunch was unique because we all knew and respected them so conversation was really focused on them and how they live vs just them as musicians.

-Part of MAS is getting to know people on a deeper level so we played a game with M&Ms. Depending on the color you got, you had to answer a question.

Isam - What is your favorite song?

He said he liked I Only Ask of God because of it's meaning and its timelessness. He likes the version that OL based their song off of "Solo Le Pido A Dios" by Leon Gieco written in the 60's during the Argentianian war. He then added that in general, he likes American artists like Lauryn Hill and Common because they represent what he believes is real hip hop (rather then most of the stuff on MTV).

Waqas - What did you want to be when you grew up as a child, and why did it change?

He said he wanted to be an astronaut but he couldn't be because he had "really thick glasses."

Lenny - What is your pet peeve and what is one time you got angry because of it?

Lenny "What's that?!" --organizer: Something that annoys you

Lenny looks next to him and points.."Oh...Waqas!"

(Everyone laughs)

Waqas pokes his cheek

Organizer: Why Waqas?

Lenny: See what he does! Just look at him!

**Lenny says everything without even smiling, so everyone laughed even harder

Then we had lunch, Isam & Suad happened to sit at the table I was at, so it was a great opportunity to talk to him. He asked us questions about our lives (it was me and some friends sitting on the table) We talked about life in Denmark vs. America. One of their band members, Anders was sitting with us also. It was a really great experience to talk to them all.

After lunch, we talked to everyone, people moved around tables, we got autographs, and took pictures.

Lenny got bored in the middle and got up and drew on OL's faces on the MAS Voices for Change poster on the wall. I posted a picture in the gallery.

About them personally – Isam's wife was very nice, They were a very good match for each other. Lenny said his wife was joining them on tour soon. Waqas' family was vacationing in Pakistan where he planned on joining them as soon as the tour is over. (which now it is)

He showed me a picture of Gia on his phone and told me how much he missed them and how sad he was that he was missing Faizan's birthday. (the 17th) – When he said that, I remembered the day his birthday was because of the lyrics of "Eyes Never Dry," so I mentioned it to him. Waqas laughed and said that when he recorded that part, he accidentally said July the first time, and his wife was upset he got the wrong date, and then of course he fixed it.

In the evening, they had a Donors Banquet at a host family's house in Detroit. (It was 50-70 people) People bought tickets and got to have dinner and meet with them. They performed an acoustic version of "I Only Ask of God" which people loved. I heard it was a great success!--I am trying to get a video for you but I can't seem to find someone who recorded one!

Just thought I'd share my experiences with you, and I hope you all have the privilege of meeting them one day because it made me respect and love their work even more!

Stay Blessed,
Outlandish Fan

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