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Outlandish - Front Cover Of Gaffa!
Outlandish - Sound of a Rebel

Once again Outlandish is the front cover for the May 2009 issue of the biggest Danish Music Magazine GAFFA. The last time the band was the front cover of GAFFA is on November 2005 after the release of the previous album Closer Than Veins.

The music magazine is available in stores and can also be read/browsed online at http://www.e-pages.dk/gaffa/2009-05/

Article Translation

"We have had to stop and remind each other about what really Outlandish
is about: the love of music and our friendship above all. "

(Article translated online)

The tape will rewind back to the first half
1990s if we are to make the first point deduction
in Isam Bachiri, Lenny Martinez and Waqas
Qadris common history. Youth Club Søholt in
Brøndby Strand formed the natural environment for the
young boys' interest in Breakdance and hip hop.
It was the latter who really shook the three
guys together back in 1998, and in an upward
spiral has the particularly since the debut Outland's Official
(2000) captured musical territory - Home
as well as foreign. Especially number Aicha was a
commercial tin-opener, but because of the tailwind,
this created for the band, it was also the incipient
beginning of the distraction to quietly
should begin to spread among Isam, Lenny and

The latter involved the fragmentation of the interview via
Skype from Pakistan ... When power cuts well that
brand permit! Waqas' physical absence, however
in no way be confused with the absentminded that
less than a year ago was being trio
finally. Their time together as both friends and
musical shareholders in a successful trio were about to
be reduced to a uinspireret working.
They started as friends with a common passion for
music, but suddenly they had to also develop a
common business platform to drive their growing
career off. The familiar phrase "Do not mix
business and pleasure "was suddenly a present
Reality of Outlandish.

When mom comes home, the father just passed
We are at record Outlandish Sony
Music. Over the crown ragede Lenny sits Isam.
He explains further that the three youth friends
best couples manes may stop and
recognize that they are no longer inspired each other,
and that their common musical project - each experienced
inside - was a stagnant shot, either
was shot in the lowering or renovated. Interview
with Isam, Waqas and Lenny is a concrete expression of
Outlandish to chose the last option.
Before Sound Of A Rebel could become a reality, it had
Outlandish in several ways starting from scratch and reverse
look to the core values that initially led
the three guys together.

- It was time to see each other deeply in the eye and
revolt against the way we have been on the band
especially through the last few years, arguing Isam,
and he explains simultaneously why the band's fourth
album bears the title, it does. Waqas summarizes
represented through a coarse image from your computer

- We just lost the feeling for each other.
Due to the lack of inspiration, we decided to
scrap years of work and move out of the impasse.
It was the beginning of The Sound Of A Rebel who
ended up being on just a half years.
Besides the artistic stereotypes had
taken over, it was comrade just intercourse also
now nedbarberet to the minimum

- In the studio we recorded frequently in turns, and when we played
concerts, we met for the most part just five
minutes before we were, and broke up immediately
after telling Lenny, while her fingers dance across
over the table and into the candy bowl on the table

But if the energy had run out, and the ideas dried out
why not throw in the towel just ring and
chose the conventional divorce settlement?

- We have experienced so much together and raised large
parts of the world. We have the ability to
communicate through music and express our opinions.
It is a very privileged position. What we
have created together is greater than the crisis we had
recognize that we have to confront each other,
Isam explains with a clear eye. Lenny nodding
conceded. They emphasize both the importance
to stick to humble unit.

New inspirational life and deadlock

In connection with Outlandish crisis had to realize
it sometimes is in the deadlock that we are
fruitful insights.

- At one time we forgot to enjoy what we had
created together. We have had to stop
and remind each other about what really Outlandish
is about: the love of music, and our
friendship above.
Lenny makes a stay in his speech, and are quiet
briefly. He adds further, that
development of a brother to community, an invisible
ties across the three, has been crucial for
their decision not to give up.

For Isam was he aware of the seriousness,
when he found that his comrades Band
not visited him and his family at the hospital since
He was father of a small year ago:

- I was disappointed that my friends are not turned
up and it was an opportunity to face the fact that
we had a massive problem that we had to
deal with. I was very close to deciding to
pull the plug, but as I stood there with my newborn
Sunday in the arms, I became aware that Outlandish
is essential in my life, "says Isam. There may be a new
life to revitalize Outlandish.

- You can not avoid such crises in a relationship.
It is very natural, I think.

There should shake up the habit of thinking and the value agenda
to redefine both brother to friendship and mutual artistic
inspiration. Outlandish has ov erlevet a "parforhol dskrise" and the shelter
by their internal revol ution can be heard on the trio of new, fourth
langspill is Sound Of A Rebel.

"At one time we forgot to enjoy what we had created together."

Outlandish on how to tackle it. Solves Monday
problems together? Or individually?

To Initially, we talked about it.
We took the bad energy with us around,
which had a negative impact on our
together in all possible contexts. We
made a lot material and was in the process of
preparing a new album, but it felt
not true, and we all had a hard time
writing material. There was not a common
Front, Lenny recalls, adding that it was
an uplifting liberation to rediscover common
ground in connection with the number
Amen, the first number in row
of songs that ended up on The Sound Of A Rebel.
They emphasize all three, despite the
internal crisis, there is some recordings
or shows that have been half-hearted
realized. It does not like that
trio marital crisis has given a lifetime scars.
But it is obvious that history is important
for them to tell:

- There are lots of taboos associated with
to realize that you have a problem with the
way to do things. Our collective
mission was suddenly blurred and
was in many ways angstfremkaldende,
Isam reports, and he tells about a
useful advice, he got a good Egyptian
friend in connection with that he felt that
his creative lack of commitment was
express a kind of personal skriveblokering:

- It might be healthy to be absolutely quiet. Or
at least feel that you stand still. While
you think that spirit is at a standstill
there is still a movement in both body and soul.
It was a good advice
I could use for something.

Since Outlandish last visited GAFFA was
trio staged a remake of the Danish
People ad campaign breath of fresh air
Over Denmark. Scene was intended as a
critical and ironic commentary on the current
xenophobic sentiment at home, which
Danish People's Party is industrious exponents
, and a visual commentary on the focus,
having been on the trio multiethnic
composition, which are divided into three
continents. Outlandish both been
highlighted as beautiful specimens of
successful integration and terrorist sympathizers.
The latter had Isam at least
give ear to, as a see and hear journalist
claimed that his family connection
the man who has been accused of
Glostrup case (Isam's brother is married to
it acquitted sister, ed.), was an expression
of terrorist sympathies.

- We are not a political party and we did
no spin doctor. We have therefore had to
experiment with how we should
deal with the context in many media
want to put us in, explaining Isam who
Like Waqas are Muslim. Lenny contrast
are Catholic. He elaborates on the interest
the band's multicultural identity:

- We were never inside the band seen
that what we come from three different
continents, with each of our cultural and
religious background, has given rise
disagreement or uforståenhed explains
Lenny, adding that the band has always been
a little baffled by the massive
focus on Outlandish as part of an integration discourse.

- It must be for people to define what
we are for them. We see ourselves not as
a decidedly political band, but we speak
us about the way we experience the world.
Both good and evil - be it
is the reality that is just
front of us or the world seen in a larger
perspective. To change the world should
start by itself, asserts Lenny finish

Sound Of A Rebel schedule 11 May
Sony Music. Outlandish can be experienced live
in a number of summer festivals.

As part of a desire to try new
unexplored pathways and collaborators
threw both Isam and Waqas over
English language solo album under
title headings Institution (Sony BMG,
2007) and Eco Logic (Universal, 2008).
Waqas already tried solo forces back
in 1998 - a year after Outlandish formed
- In the shape of a demo CD in Pakistan.
This resulted, among other things, a top
the defunct Demokræmen, there was a
demo chart on P3. Isam has also written
music to the music play 2200 Carmen,
he even participated. Lenny has
among others used the time to work
with the Cuban bass player Yadam Gonzales,
there has been a faithful Outlandish-hang around
for many years.

- I think our solo excursions were a
necessary in order to find ourselves. And
For appetite to play together again is not
minimum, evaluate Isam.

Lenny adds:
- It gave the experience of new routines. It felt
fruitful and continued our joint project in a
new perspective.

"It must be for people to define what we are for them. We see ourselves not as a decidedly political band, but we speak us about the way we experience the world. Both good and evil"

birth attendants
With regard to the type of produce has Isam,
Lenny and Waqas on Sound Of A Rebel ally
with new friends and old favorite.
Bichi, among other states in its brochure Blue
Foundation, belongs to the first category. He
says about the cooperation with Outlandish:

- It was really easy on the good way
and hard in the right way. They were very
fresh to try new things, which proved
also gives a very good picture of why
they had chosen to work with such as
I normally operate in some little other genres.

Frederick North, which in this context
produces under the name of Frederic
Tao, represents the last category. He
was also involved in the album Bread
& Barrel Of Water (2002).

- As a trio Outlandish is strongest cards
their diversity. And it is the
better to agree to each other
tells Frederik Tao, who also plays
a sea of different instruments on the plate.
I work around the current album
He also experienced that Outlandish has
stood up as a more harmonious group
than previously:

- They have been much easier to
work with some Sound Of A Rebel.
They have been more open and responsive
to ideas. In the past consisted min
task much in to crack the code to their
mission, but this time I have more
times surprised them positively by making
something they had not asked. I have had
more space to express myself, explains
Frederik Tao, in addition to being credited
as a producer of well over half of
Sound Of A Rebel has a lot of time in other
musical projects. Besides its own
band The William Blake, which we all know
has initiated a collaboration with the Big Fat
Snake-negative guitarist Peter Viskinde,
Roder Frederik also works for X
Factor participant and youth friend Seest
and band information, counts indspark
from, among others, Anders Rhedin (Jong Pang)
and Choir Of Young belive. Among other
contributors to the Sound Of A Rebel in
Moreover Louis Winding & Stefan Hoffenberg and
Troo.L.S. The long-term partner
Saqib is credited for mix and mastering.
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