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Jyllands-Posten Interview

"We are three people who make art together "

"There are people who love us to heaven, and there are people who hate us to hell. How is it, and we must take. We have witnessed everything from the couple who want us to act for their wedding, for people to send us the bomb threats. The kind we have tested and experienced and we have learned that we can not control everything around us. Therefore we must accept it all, unless we would rather have a nine-four-job, "said Isam Bachiri who remembers how journalists at the beginning described the group as multiethnic.
"We had never thought about the fact that we were multi-ethnic and we had never conducted happens to our shows. It was only when journalists began to write about that they had never seen so many "pearls" (immigrants, Ed.) And "pink man" (ethnic Danes, Ed.) Assembled into a concert, "said Isam Bachiri.
'It kind of surprised us descriptions in the same way that we were very surprised to be called terrorists and leftists. Why should we be? We have no agenda. We are three people who make art together, "says Lenny Martinez. 

Since Outlandish in 2005 released their latest album, "Closer Than Veins," Martinez was clear that Outlandish could not exist without religion, while Qadri said that "religion plays a big role on the album because the songs are about ourselves. Today Waqas Qadri says: 'We are no less faithful than we have been before, and without our religion and faith, we could not have made this one album. But we can not repeat ourselves to the new plate. We have never been. We are never the same twice, "he said. 


No secret messages
Lenny Martinez points out that religion is part of the band's lives.
"It is not something we take on and off. But why have we never thought about having to make a record about religion or politics. I think that is being too much of what we are singing - and there are no secret messages of religious texts, "says Lenny Martinez, who believes there are two reasons why there are often very focused on Outlandish .
"It's about that we have both success and is a very topical constellation - and probably will remain so," he said, referring to the fact that he himself is Catholic, while Qadri and Bachiri are Muslims.
"People put too much into it - both positively and negatively. We are not only criticized and suspicious done. There are also those who salute us, because they think we are some angels, So they raised us to saviours.”
Last summer, Outlandish welcomed the offer of being top name on a tour in the U.S., which was organized by the Muslim Youth Organization MAS Youth, which was criticized by a number of music professionals.
"I would normally advise against a band or a soloist to link to commercial, cultural and religious brand that is stronger than oneself. Then you become a part of this fire, and art's role is to penetrate on their own terms, "said Gunnar Madsen, managing director of Rosa, who through the years has supported the Danish bands and soloist's international career opportunities.
"When we heard about the criticism, we thought: What happens here? We were presented with a road project that sounded good and coincidentally came from a Muslim youth organization that would spend money on getting young people to be active in the arts and culture. And even though we had it good as band at the time we thought about the project, and we are ready to stand for the Green Concert and Roskilde Festival, which also supports a variety of purposes. Further concerts were a golden opportunity for us to do promotion in the U.S. for our music, "says Lenny Martinez.
"We are not concerned with who is behind these events. It may be Jews, Muslims, atheists or whoever the hell it is now. If it is a good purpose, we would like to stand as Outlandish has always managed to bring together many different kinds of people, "said Isam Bachiri.
"We need to live your life and enjoy it. Otherwise you can just as well stay home, shut the door and not to talk to or listen to anyone. Terror and terrorists have to do not hold me and you from traveling out into the world, "says Lenny Martinez. 


Denmark is our home
He lives just like the other two band members in Copenhagen, and though they have been for most of the world with their music and the new plate frames both African, Latin American, Pakistani and European tones trio has never flirt with the idea of saying goodbye to Denmark and critics.
'Denmark is our home, "notes Waqas Qadri flat while Isam Bachiri emphasizes that Outlandish automatically come to represent Denmark, when you are abroad and takes part in conversations.
"When you are both Danish and Muslim journalists and fans will hear more and then I tell them everyday stories from Denmark and explain that all its inhabitants are not Islamophobe," said Isam Bachiri.
Lenny Martinez also reckon that Denmark has changed for the better in the last few years.
"There is no longer so many ordinary people who point the finger at each other. Many people focus instead on working together, get a grip on the financial crisis and move forward. Similarly, I believe that people on Nørrebro could get together and help to find a long lasting solution to the problems. The fact is that it is not the ordinary people involved in the problems. The few criminals who fight over money and drugs, "said Lenny Martinez.


Hard for Obama
Waqas Qadri live as the only one of the three at Nørrebro and he is impressed that "life goes on despite the shootings."
"I live in Rantzausgade and my mother had called me and said I would look to move back to 2660 Brøndby Strand. But I am glad to live in Nørrebro, and life-affirming is that although there have been shootings in the evening, people left on the streets and in cafés days after. They can not turn off, "says Waqas Qadri.
He is like the two other band members a good eye for U.S. President Barack Obama.
'If you've read about Barack Obama, we know that he has made a difference. He has worked to improve conditions for the poor in his hometown Chicago. He has roll their sleeves up and helped clean up the toilet, and I experience it as if he knows what is required for his country may come to look better, "said Isam Bachiri.
"It may be that it will be difficult for him to change the world as president in four or eight years. But he is a man who at least wish that things will get better. Before he came to feel that, it became worse and worse. The world became more divided. But Obama signals that there must be room for everyone, "said Isam Bachiri who can not see a Barack Obama in Danish politics:
"I've seen Anders Fogh Rasmussen roll their sleeves up. But I've never seen him clean up the shit. "
Waqas Qadri acknowledges that he is not as concerned about Danish politics. But he estimates that in local communities are Obama-like types:
"There are teachers who every day makes a lot of work for boys and girls who are socially vulnerable, and there are those working to provide handicapped a good life. It is people who make a difference '.

p.s. This article is Danish originally, it is translated to English by online translators.

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