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Outlandish @ Mawazine Festival 2010

Last Wednesday (May 26th) Outlandish had one of their biggest concerts to date in Rabat (Morocco) at Mawazine Festival.

Mawazine Festival is the biggest World Music festival in the region, this year's edition featured artists from more than 50 country, staring from 21st to May 29th, the festival is expected to host more than 100 concerts on 8 stages, each night different artists perform simultaneously on each stage. Outlandish' concert started at the same time as some big stars concerts such as Elton John and Wael Jassar, but the boys still managed to attract a huge crowd of more than 35.000 people. According to both fans and OL it was a great night!! The concert also was a good place for DJ Kato and Outlandish to shoot a part of their coming music video for their collaboration song "Desert Walk".

While in Morocco Outlandish appeared on many local and international media here's some:

  • Outlandish on Medi1Sat (interview + footage from the concert and soundchek) Follow the link http://bit.ly/aFFtWR then click the second video "Capsule", OL part starts at the 3rd minute.
  • A preview of the Outlandish concert on 2M TV, http://bit.ly/9Qmln5 (OL appears at around 2:35 minutes)
  • Outlandish on 2M TV (interview + some live Mawazine concert footage) http://bit.ly/aGKN8n (OL appears around 28:50 minutes)
Some pictures from the concert can be found here and here.

Unfortunately there's no good quality videos from the concert available for the moments (we're still looking for them) but here's a fan recorded video for your enjoyment:


Update: here's a video blog from Rabat by DJ Kato:
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