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Isam B


Isam Bachiri is originally from Morocco. He was born in 1977 in the Danish Capital Copenhagen on the 1st of August. He's raised in Denmark and he has been living in BrÝndby Strand whole his life. Isam went to the Islands-Brygge School in Copenhagen, where he graduated as mathematical student and later on he began studying cand.negot on the University of Odense. He studied for 2 years and went abroad to Kuwait for 6 month and discovered a lot about himself and his culture. Afterwards he went home and brought a lot of musical inspiration and ideas which he presented and introduced Waqas and Lenny for. The cand.negot study takes 5 years so he hasn't finished it yet, because of the music and the following busyness.

Already as a kid, people and teachers from his school encouraged him to sing and use his voice, because they thought it was so unique. Isam actually had an offer from a fine musician-school, but declined it because he was more interested in playing football and hanging out with his friends at that time.

Isam came in contact with the music, by showing a huge interest for the developing hip-hop scene and subculture in America. At that time the hiphop-scene, underground, graffiti and subculture living and styles popularity exploded in Denmark and the rest of the world. Isam quickly found himself imitating the new and cool culture by amateur-rapping, tagging and break dancing. He started break dancing together with Lenny and Waqas. But after a very short while he realized that his body wasnít build for break dance moves or tricks, so he started concentrating on the rap and its lyrics instead.

Isam is maybe not World Champion in break dance, but instead he has created and developed a phenomenal singer-voice, as you can here on tracks like Aicha, I Only Ask of God, Any Given Time and Walou. His voice has a unique sound and comes out in the radio and loudspeakers without its equal on earth. In the early years of Outlandish Isam had a hard time controlling and utilize his voice varieties 100%, because he was quite young, singing was new to him and he was very shy to. But he took a lot of singing and vocals lessons, when he knew music was what he wanted and therefore the focus on singing, vocals and rhythm has been increased on the album releases. Hearing Closer than Veins one will discover Isam does almost all the singing, fillings and backing vocals himself, which is very difficult and rare in music.

He is also a very good and very fast rapper and often combines heís speed of rapping together with the singing. Just hear the first verse in Eyes Never Dry, Kom Igen and his verse in Walou.

As a person Isam is a more recumbent kind of guy, a bit shy some would say but also very delightful. He is actually the youngest in the group, but functions and acts more like a father figure. Heís the creative mind in the Group, he always knows what to do and what to mix and what the next step should be.

Isam is very political interested and cares and deals a lot about the situation in the Middle East, the suffering of kids and people in Africa and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore itís only natural for him to step forward at event shows, and declare to George Bush and the ministers in Denmark, that Outlandish doesnít like war. A lot of people find it very provocative and he has been quite a discussed figure in Denmark.

Very surprised and pleased was he, when he won the award for best singer/vocalis in Denmark 2003.


Blue Book

Name : Isam B aka Chief
Birthday: 01/08 1977
Address: Copenhagen
Siblings: 3
Parents job: None of your business
Zodiac sign: Lion
Height: 1,85 m

Weight : 73 kilos
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Favourite color: Ocean blue
Favourite animal : Cat
Favourite food : My Mothers
Favourite clothing : Fleece Jogging suit "loose"
Favourite instrument : Piano
Favourite group : Goodie M.O.B.
Favourite movie : Usual Suspects
Biggest strength : My heart
Biggest weakness : My ankles.. fuck!
Rolemodel : My father
My Hobby: Rap
Education: Mathematically student, Financial-and Arabic-studio
Hobbies: Religion, Meeting friends, Music...
3 words that describe me in the best way : "Unpredictable, Calm and God-fearing"
I feel weak when... : "I sit next to someone who drinks alcohol!"
I always use the word : "EXACTLY!"
My bad habit is : "Biting my nails"
The best in school was: "Being a kid"
The worst in school was : "When the teachers wanted us to acts like adults..."
One person I want to meet is : " My wife!"
I donít give anything for : "The situation in the Middle East!"
I fall in love... : "If she knows how to cook!"
What will I do if I get one million? : "Send my grand ma' & pa' & my parents to Mecca..."
One thing I really want to do is...: "To kick G. Bush's ass!!!"
My biggest dream must be : "Getting' my education!"
My motto " Do it yourself "

(by the German magazine "Tagespiegel")
1. What do you like about the hiphop-music?
"That I can relate to it"
2. What do you like about your concerts?
"Just standing on the stage and meeting al the people"
3.What do you like about the fans?
"Their tolerance and their respect"
4. Whatís important for love?
5. What do you like with girls?
"That after all they are not so crazy"
6. What do you like about your family?
"Thatís itís so important to me"
7. What do you like about God?
"He never let's med down"
8. Whatís the good thing about Denmark?
"Home sweet home"
9. The words you always want to hear is?
"Let us eat!!! "

What you donít like

1. When you wake up in the morning?
"My Breath"
2. When youíre talking on the phone?
"When the speak just keep going and going on"
3. About the hiphop-music?
"When it donít have any structure or sense"
4. About Groupies?
"When they have to control me"
5.About fans?
"When they are fanatic idolizing"
6. About love?
"The battle for it and the fight between"
7. About food?
"Untreated meet"
8. About girls?
"When she has to do her makeup-sťance"
9. About Denmark?
"The tolerance for other people and their culture "

Thanks to Outlandish-look

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