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Lenny Martinez


Lenny Martinez born in Honduras 19 November 1975, but has been living in Denmark from he was 14 years old. Originally he comes from Cuba and if you listen when he talks, you can hear a touch of Cuban-accent – which can be very charming, but also a bit difficult to understand even for Isam and Waqas sometimes!

He is mathematically student from the Avedøre grammar school, and graduated as mathematical student. He studied cand.negot together with Isam at the Odense University, didn’t finished it either but maybe has plans about going back in the future.

Lenny only rap in Spanish, because he thinks that’s what his best at, and are then letting Waqas and Isam do the English part. That is probably also a good idea, because Lenny can’t pronounce the difference in Beach and Bitch when he's singing, according to Isam and Waqas it would sound a bit weird, then sentences such as – Let’s go the Bitch….? Would appear on their album.

Lenny was actually the one, who found the name Outlandish. Originally their group was called YGB, (Young, Gifted and Brown), because it was very popular with shortenings in hip-hop at that time.

But the guys didn’t felt it described them very good or was very catchy, so one day they were discussing a possible name while they were hanging out at Lenny’s house. Lenny was just flicking through the pages in a Danish dictionary, and by accident or luck, his eyes stuck at the word Outlandish. Meaning something different, peculiar, strange, foreign and exotic – The name immediately became a reality.

Lenny is the practical guy in the group, usually describing himself as “The Body “of the group. He carries a natural sense of order and logic; therefore he’s the one who does all the practical stuff, organising and putting things together.

In his spare time Lenny play's football as a forwarder in the club named “Grønne Stjerne” (Green Star), and should be quite good at it according to his team-mates. Lenny just recently got married to his girlfriend Jamilla in a catholic church in Denmark and went to Miami celebration their honeymoon.


Blue Book

Name: Roger L. Martinez
Pet name: Lenny
Birthday: 19. November 1975 in Tela, Honduras
Family: From Olanchito/ Honduras
Height: 1,79 m
Weight: 67 kg
Clothing-size: M, L
Shoe-size: 42
Study: Cand.negot, Spanish at Odense University
Present home : Flat on Nørrebro, Copenhagen
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : Black
Siblings : 2
Girlfriend : Wife
Hobby : Sleeping
Rolemodel : My Mother
Favourite car : Mercedes
Favourite team : Real Madrid
Favourite actor : Al Pacino
Favourite pet : Monkey
Favourite Food : Caribbean and Everything
Favourite instrument : Percussion
My motto : SOY
Favourite Singer: Sade
Favouirte Group: Outkast, Fugees, Mana
Favouirte Place: Cuba
Favouirte Outfit: Clothing
When I was young I wanted to be: A Doctor
My family contains:
My father, my mother, my brother and sister
Do you have a wife, girlfriend or a kid? Nope
How many kids do you want: 4
3 words which describe you: Disciplined, stubborn, tolerant
Favourite Food: Caribbean and Everything
Favourite Drink: Ananas-juice
Favourte Book: "Yo soy el Diego" written by Diego Armando Maradona
My hobbies: Must be Music!!!
Do you own a car? : Yes, an old and classic Mercedes Benz
Do you have a pet? : Nope
Who is your idol or who do you respect ? : My mother
Which historical persons do you want to met? : Che Guevara
What is you biggest value? : Two Photographs of Che Guevara
What do you spend most money on? : Food !
What is your biggest dream, you want to make true? : Buy a house to my mother
Where do you think you will be in 10 years? : Who knows what the future looks like
What does you tattoos mean, when did you get them and do you want more? :
That's my secret ;-), I had them made in 1999 and another in 2002, and I don’t know if I want more


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