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Eid Mubarak
Wishing you a happy Eid ul-adha,
May the choicest blessing of Allah fill your life with peace, joy and prosperity!

Elmoro4Life.com :: Your Outlandish Fansite :: smile
Happy Eid
Posted on 29 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
RIS Performance
Moros, Somebody have uploaded the RIS performance:

Look Into My Eyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1cAfOyiKP4

Ive Seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40lVDBsz3bU

Aicha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSyFBHeppJA


Posted on 29 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
.:.:e4L:. Your Outlandish Online Player
Moros, we have a new born Music Player now smile

from now .:.:e4L:. is Your Outlandish Online Player brought to you by Elmoro4Life.com

It's the best online way to listen to Outlandish songs from all their albums

Enjoy! wink
Posted on 28 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Outlandish (Best Danish Act) MTV EMAs 2006

Many fans didn't watch the MTV EMAs main show, especially the announcement of the Best Danish Act (Outlandish).
Now you can download the announcement part from our Live Videos section.

You can also download the part when Outlandish presents The Best RnB Act.
Posted on 28 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Isam and Waqas are back!
According to their last blog entry, Isam & Waqas from Outlandish, just returned from Toronto -Canada- today. They performed "Look into my eyes", "I've seen", "I only ask of god" and "Aicha" at RIS5 ...

We're looking forward to get some pics and videos from the RIS's entertainment session.

Stay blessed
Posted on 26 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
"Aicha" and "Reggada"

Now you can download "Aicha" live at DR's Juleshow and "Reggada" live at MTV EMAs from our Live Videos section!

Much more .... Soon wink
Posted on 25 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Merry Christmas
It's Christmas day,
May your holiday season be as beautiful as a winter wonderland!

Elmoro4Life.com :: Your Outlandish Fansite ::
Merry Christmas
Posted on 24 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life

Check Out the Live Videos page and download the new added "Callin' U" Live at MTV Europe Music Awards 2006.

Our Music Videos section was missing Walou's video, you can download it now by clicking here
Posted on 24 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
DR Store Juleshow 2006
As you know Outlandish has performed "Aicha" and "I Only Ask of God" duet with Herborg Kråkevik at DR's Christmas concert hosted by Danish tv Dr1, bro Bad_Ree aka Awayclose has recorded the performance. and you'll be able to download it through our live videos section soon.

You can watch "Aicha" here, a lovely soft version with many musical instruments.

Posted on 22 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
To the people who don't know Waqas Ali Qadri have features on the nasheed boy-band 786's "Meditate" from their album Straight Path (2005), a really nice song.

You can listen to "Meditate" here:


Posted on 21 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Outlandish: The Soul Behind the Music
Here is a new added Divanee Magazine's exclusive interview with Waqas Qadri called "Outlandish: The Soul Behind the Music"
Go to Interviews Page and enjoy!
Posted on 19 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Live Videos Update!

Check Out the Live Videos page and download the new added "Aicha" Live at MTV Europe Music Awards 2006.
Posted on 18 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
NEW: Yusuf Othman's Artwork Section
New Yusuf Othman's artwork section brought to you by Elmoro4Life.com
from now for Outlandish artwork check back

the section will be updated weekly...

Posted on 17 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Wijblijvenhier.nl's Interview with OL
Here is the whole Outlandish interview from Wijblijvenhier.nl, specially for some fans that never heard Isam's arabic so you can hear it in the end of this interview wink

You ca listen here
Posted on 14 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
DR's Christmas Show

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 Outlandish have post a Danish blog, Our sis Mathilde have translate to english for fans that don't understand Danish.

"DR's Christmas Show.

Lately, the Danish daily press has written quite a few untruths about Outlandish's performance at DR's Christmas concert in the Copenhagen Opera House.

Therefore, in relation to this, we would like to refer you to DR's press release all the while emphasizing that no alterations whatsoever were made as to the performance, the dress or the placement on stage of the (Norwegian) singer Herborg Krakevik during her performance with Outlandish on DR's Christmas Show."

Thanx Mathilde
Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Toronto Canada
Isam and Waqas will be performing in Toronto Canada at the RIS5 22-24 december (annual reviving the islamic spirit convention) ...
Posted on 12 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Isam nominated
Isam Bachiri has been nominated for the “Catch of the Year* award, among the 25 hottest and most interesting men in Denmark right now
MOROS Go and Vote for Isam.

Visit Outlandish-Look and read the full-story
Posted on 11 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
OL Radio Interview
Bread n barrels of water new added english radio interview:
You ca listen here
Real player (15:43 min)
or here Windows media player (15:43 min)
Posted on 11 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Mobile Tunning

Moros you can download Aicha's polyphonic tones for mobile phones and make it as default to your favourite calls wink

Posted on 06 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
London Show
Hey moros,
Now Its confirmed that Outlandish will be playing a showcase at The Scala, London the 31.01.07
UK moros are very lucky smile
if you will be there don't forget you camera we'll need photos and videos wink
Posted on 01 Dec 2006 by elmoro4life
Live Videos Update

Check Out the Live Videos page and download three new added videos: "Aicha" Live TMF Music Awards Belgium 2003, "Walou" Live @ TMF Music Awards Netherlands 2004 and "OL featurin' TV2" Live @ Danish Music Awards 2006
Take your time and download all the videos wink

Much more ................ Soon
Posted on 28 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
New Videos updates
Salamz y'all

Check Out the Music Videos page to be able to download OL Music Video "I only ask of god" Look into my eyes" "Kom Igen" "Aicha" and the lovely "Guantanamo" so you can have your favourites on your computer...
take your time to download all videos wink
Posted on 26 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
Nice News
Salamz y'all
Guess what?? Waqas was here and he's the first one to post comment!!! smile wooooooow, we didnt expect that OL will visit the Fansite so soon.
Thank you Waqas for your support.
This is Waqas's comment:
"Wow thank you very much for he love and support we are really happy to see the great effort you have put into this site may it be succesfull inahallah and thank you again for the love and support keep it up:)

The comment is posted at the first news: "Welcome To Your OL Fansite"
I've already received some mail from people who want the Remix that I've made for the website; it's waqas's Rap verse from Closer Than Veins - Introspective with some nice effects at the beginin n the end
Download here:


Posted on 25 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
Salam y'all,
THE DREAM COME TRUE crying laughing
After about two mounths of daily works Elmoro4Life.com is here!!
Thank you guys for being so amazing and the only band we would ever dedicate so much time to.
You can see that this main page countains some OL past news, cuz this page is one of the first pages that I have create some weeks ago smile
Now it's time to fans to appear and support
The Fansite is ready but Multimedia pages and the Gallery still need some upgrades...
Our forum is waitin for users to be registred, so Moros you have to do it wink
The gallery allow you to upload your files and share you Outlandish pics with other fans smile

Have a look arround and don't forget to check back on a regular basis!!

Elmoro4Life.com :::Your Outlandish Fansite:::

Posted on 24 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
Closer than veins Deluxe Edition
As a special treat Outlandish have re-released the album with 2 bonus tracks exlusively on iTunes. Unfortuantely its not launched in all countries where iTunes is availble. Check out your local iTunes for further info and to listen to the tracks.

The 2 tracks are called "When angels lower their wings" and "In good hands"
you can listen to "In good hands" on Outlandish profile.
Thanx to Muslim Power for the update wink
Posted on 08 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
New Message from Waqas
This is Waqas's msg:

Salam peace fred paz
Whats up y´all Waqas here!

I know that you guys are really excited wheter we win the MTV award or not...well me and my wife hina allready recieved a much greater award today as we by the grace of the almighty were granted a beautifull daughter. Both she and her mother are well and we are really happy. Please pray for them both :)

take care and Godbless:)

Waqas Ali aka a proud Father
Congratulations to both of you for receiving your beautifyl gift Jia from God
Posted on 03 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
Europe Music Awards 2006
Outlandish was live yesterday at the EMA and present the best rnb artist of the year!!
Outlandish @ MTV EMA 2006
Elmoro4Life!! smile
Posted on 02 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
According to a poll in a Danish website about the EMA and which band is the best Outlandish is taking the highest percentage 40% of the votes, Please support OL and Vote.
Posted on 01 Nov 2006 by elmoro4life
EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS in Copenhagen 2nd of November!
OUTLANDISH will perform at the Town Hall Square in front of 10.000 people. Their performance will go out on MTV.This will be a fantastic fully live band performance that will blow people away!
Posted on 30 Oct 2006 by elmoro4life
Welcome To Your OL Fansite
Salam Peace Fred Paz ,
It was a dream for us to thank our favorite band Outlandish by a such full fansite, but the dream come true!!!!!!!!!
(Isam B , Lenny Martinez , Waqas ALI we love youuuuuuuuuuuuu)
Posted on 28 Oct 2006 by elmoro4life

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