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Breaking news

Here two new interviews, first one is with Bobby and Nihal which was yesterday night and the second is with Anita Rani which was on this morning.

Both interviews were on BBC, the program of Anita Rani includes acoustic live version of "Look Into my eyes" at the end.

The most important news is that you can hear Isam confirm his engagement to Bobby and Nihal.

-BBC Bobby and Nihal Download (right-click..save as)
-BBC Anita Rani Download (right-click..save as)

(Thanks to bro Bad_Ree aka Awayclose for both good quality interviews)
Posted on 31 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
London "Makes your noise"
Outlandish will perform today to headline their sold out show at London’s Scala

BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network announced today that the two networks will join for the first time to broadcast Outlandish's 1st show in UK this year.

For more info about the performance click here
Posted on 30 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
"Kom Igen" live @ DMA 2006

Many of you voted for "Kom Igen" (Live at Danish Music Award 2006) to be the 1st uploaded from a list of 5 live videos.

Visit the Live Videos page and download "Kom Igen"
Posted on 29 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
A pack of 4 remixes were added to the Audios page.

The pack countain 2 remixes of "Aicha" and 2 of "Walou"
Make sure to download all the songs by clicking here
Posted on 29 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
167 Photos added to the Gallery
Bunch of photos were added to the Live Shows category on our Gallery

Click on the photo below and browse the gallery sort by last uploads.

Posted on 28 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
New Artwork
Yusuf Othman have uploaded two beatuful pictures dedicated to CTV's songs "Beyond Words" and "In Good Hands"

Enjoy both pictures by Clicking Here

Posted on 26 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Callin' U -The Video-

-Photo from yesterday's show-

According to their last blog post, Outlandish confirmed that the video of the song "Callin' U" is almost finished.

Keep checking the website for updates wink
Posted on 26 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Ungdomshuset -Youth's House-

Today Outlandish will perform at Ungdomshuset -Copenhagen- to show that they certainly aren't afraid to express their support to the Youth's house and that they stands behind the young ones after both City Court and the National Court stating Ungdomshuset property of the Christian right-winged sect Faderhuset.
Youth have been ordered out on December 14th 2006 and the decision denies youth's house possibility to take the case to the Supreme Court.

The leader of the right wing christians refused an offer of 15 million DKR (2 million Euro) from the foundation that have tried to buy the house and solve the problem and this means that only the politicians can stop the eviction now.
Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Silkeborg 7 july,2006
New album added to the Gallery!

The album hold 90 photos from the last Silkeborg's performance and you can enjoy the whole photos by clicking on the pic below

Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Songs from the previous London Concert

Our moro Bad_Ree aka Awayclose, have recorded 9 songs from Outlandish's previous London Concert which was in 2004 at Notting Hill Arts Club.

You can download the songs from the Audios page.
Posted on 23 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Acoustic versions

Some years ago Outandish have recorded two live acoustic versions of "Aicha" and "Walou".

You can download both from the Live Videos page.
Posted on 22 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Islamic New Year 1428 H

Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem -Palestine-

Today marks the beginning of the new Islamic Year, which is 1428 years after the Hijrah.
Praying for every one to have peace, fulfilment, blessings and happiness in this upcoming hijri new year.

Posted on 21 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Scala - Review, Map and Local Information

If you're going to London to see Outlandish Live in concert at Scala you'll probably find this link useful:
Scala - Review, Map and Local Information
Posted on 20 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Win tickets to see Outlandish at Scala!
Moros, London’s Scala show tickets are sold out, but if you're lucky, you still have a chance to get them from Here, It's a competition by BBC.co.uk where you can win one pair of tickets if you give answers to 5 questions correctly.
Good luck

RCA Label Group, have published a new article about ‘Closer Than Veins’ UK release (26th March)
You can read the whole article by Clicking here

(Thanks to Bad_Ree aka Awayclose)
Posted on 20 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish by fans
Some Fans have allowed us to publish their personal works on our Gallery

All the works are Outlandish related and you can enjoy them by clicking on the pics below:

Posted on 19 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Artwork (updates)
The talented artist Yusuf Othman have two more beatuful pictures for us, one of "Fatima's Hand" and the other of "Aicha"

You can enjoy these pictures by Clicking Here

Posted on 18 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
One Outlandish Fans Community
Welcome everybody,

This post is a calling to all the fans that visit Elmoro4Life.com
Please join our most important project and help us to build our community on The Outlandish Forum (http://www.elmoro4life.com/forum)

We are truly excited about this project and looking forward to create a beautiful and powerful message to the world to show that we are all fans and supporters of Outlandish and that we really exist...

Moros it's time to appear, if you’re interested in joining this project you can register HERE

"We are Moros... Outlandmoros"

Posted on 17 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Look Into My Eyes

Moros from now you can download the 1st version of "Look into my eyes" from our Music Videos page.
Posted on 15 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Live Videos Update

Check Out the Live Videos page and download the new added "I Only Ask Of God" Live at DR's JULESHOW 2006 (ft Norwegian singer Herborg Kråkevik)
Posted on 13 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
George Bush Song!
I only ask of God
He won't let me be indifferent to George BUSH
He is a big monster who treads hard
On the poor innocence of people

This was the North American version of "I only ask of God"
you can watch a short clip of the performance Here.
Posted on 12 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Clip of the MBC interview
The last part of her interview with Outlandish, Razan (from MBC) had requested to the guys a small message to their fans from the middle east through MBC.

Listen to the message by Clicking here.

Posted on 12 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
Gallery Update
Two more albums were added to the Gallery:

Posted on 09 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
MBC Interview
According to an interview with Razan from MBC (an Arabic Channel) on the red carpet in the EMA's , Outlandish confirmed that they are planing to do some tours in the middle east.
Posted on 09 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life
New Artwork
Go to Yusuf Othman's artwork section, bro Yusuf have some new artwork for you: "When Angels Lower Their Wings" and "Life Is A Loom"

Stay blessed!
Posted on 08 Jan 2007 by elmoro4life

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