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News Archive:

Aicha Live @ The Voice 06

Another amazing performance of Aicha live @ The Voice 06 is added to the Live Videos, Download it from here.

-Edited: you can download it as MP3 too from the Audios page.
Posted on 30 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
emel Magazine

Outlandish are the cover band for the April 2007 issue of emel, The muslim lifestyle magazine.

Click Here and check out more about emel
Posted on 27 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Berlin EU Concert, March 25th
Few photos from OL's yesterday performance in Berlin (Germany) were added to the Gallery

The concert was a big open air event hosted by Berlin for the 50th birthday celebrations of European Union.
Posted on 26 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Happy Birthday Waqas !
Happy Birthday Waqas Ali smile

Moros all arround the globe would like to wish you a happy birthday filled with blessings and love and since today is a very special day for us, we have a video for you and we hope you'll like it:
Posted on 25 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Download Callin' U

Moros, you can download the new video of the song Callin' U from our Music Videos section.
Posted on 21 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Callin' U -The Video-

Callin' U's video is out and here it is smile
Posted on 20 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Vote for Callin' U
Please Vote Here for Callin' U on MTV Fahrenheits

The video will be out soon!
Posted on 20 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Grand Danois 2007 -DR1 Award Show-

Moros, Outlandish's 'I only ask of God' has been nominated for the Danish Music Hit Of The Year on DR1 AWARD SHOW Grand Danois 07

Vote for 'I only ask of God' by clicking on "ÅRETS DANSKE MUSIK HIT" from Grand Danois 07's site then choose 'Outlandish med I Only Ask Of God' and 'STEM!'

-Edited: Check out the comments, there is a full and step-by-step guide to show you how to register and vote for Outlandish.
Posted on 16 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish In Tivoli Friheden

Outlandish will be playing a concert for their own in Tivoli Friheden (Denmark) May 25th

To know more about Tivoli Friheden click here
Posted on 13 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Wedding Congratulations !

Congratulations to our beloved brother Isam Bachiri on his marriage.

This post is a space where you can congrat' the happy couple, their families, friends and all Outlandish fans
Posted on 10 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
We're Back !
Moros we're back smile

The site moving process is almost done, now you can access all the site except the Gallery that will be available soon

- Edited: The Gallery is working now smile If you have any problems with the site just contact us or post a comment here and will try to fix it ASAP

Posted on 06 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
The site will be closed tomorrow, we're moving it to another server. This is a decision we made for the best of the fansite, we'll have more bandwidth and disk storage on the new server and this will help us to cover our enormous bandwidth consumption; the Multimedia section!

The site may be closed for more than one day and we'll do our best to reduce the time taken by this process.

:: Elmoro4Life.com ::
Your Happy Outlandish Fansite
Posted on 05 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Look Into My Eyes @ EMAs

'Look Into My Eyes' live from MTV EMAs is the next one to download due to your votes in the forum.

Visit the Live Videos page and enjoy the new added video
Posted on 02 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
UK -Tickets-
Tickets to the three Outlandish's gigs are available online from Gigsandtours.com

- Manchester Saturday 31/03/2007 @ 19:30
- Nottingham Sunday 01/04/2007 @ 19:30
- Camden London Monday 02/04/2007 @ 19:30

Buy yours by Clicking here
Posted on 01 Mar 2007 by elmoro4life
Islam Channel's interview

Many of you have requested Outlandish's interview with Islam Channel
It is actually on the site and you can download it from our Live Videos section
Posted on 25 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Scala MP3s -Part2-
The 2nd part of London's gig is actually on the site, it includes 8 songs which you can download from the Audios page

Also moros, if you can can catch The Voice Channel (DK) you'll be surprised this upcoming weekend on a re-run of the program Planet Voice (there will be something very exclusive) smile
Posted on 22 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Evening Of Inspiration 2007

Now it's confirmed that Outlandish are coming to the Evening Of
Inspiration 2007 which is a benefit concert for children around the world and will be held in different areas in the UK.

Outlandish will be performing to all the Evening of Inspiration shows in Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Read about the Evening Of Inspiration here and get your ticket from here
Posted on 20 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
MBC -Scoop's Interview-

Yesterday's MBC Scoop interview is added to the Live Videos section

Enjoy the download here
Posted on 19 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish on Scoop
Moros don't miss MBC's interview with Outlandish on the entertainment news magazine "Scoop" tonignt 8:00 PM (GMT)

Read about Scoop Here (Arabic)

If you live in europe you can catch the show on Hotbird:
Freq: Hotbird 2 (13.0E) - 11747.00 H
Posted on 18 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Awayclose -Reloaded-
A new Outlandish Video Blog is launched by BadRee from Turkey, it is with no doubt the biggest video archive of Outlandish on the net where you can watch lot of live videos, clips, interviews and some videos of other artists.

Make sure to bookmark the link http://olvideo.wordpress.com

Visit the video blog and watch Outlandish in a new Islam Channel's interview

Posted on 18 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Today we have a new Wallpaper's section on the site, you can find it under Multimedia, it currently holds 12 wallpapers most of them are based on Arabic Calligraphy.
Click on the pic below and enjoy!

*You can contact us if you have any wallpaper you wish share it with fans
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Keep It Halal !!
Closer Than Veins is set for a UK release by Sony BMG on the 26th of March 2007, with "Look Into My eyes" being released as the first single on 5th March.

The most new thing is the UK version of Closer Than Veins will contain the new tracks Keep It Halal and a rendition of Bob Marley's Redemption Song.

The song "Keep it Halal" was released in November 2006 and many of you have listened to this song before Lucas (producer) take it from his profile
Posted on 13 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Scala (MP3s)

Moro Bad_Ree have recorded the 1st part of London's gig, it includes 10 songs which you can download from the Audios section

The second part and the videos will be available for downloading within one or two weeks
Posted on 09 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Club Asia Radio
The Radio Interviews Page is updated, you can listen or download the interviews there.

The last added interview is the one by Mr key and Middleman from Club Asia Radio after London's gig and it includes live acoustic "Look Into My Eyes" in the end.
->Go to Radio Interviews Page

(Thanks to bro Bad_Ree for the interview)
Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Redemption Song

The UK version of Closer Than veins will hold a new song by Outlandish called "Redemption Song"

"Redemption song" is originally a freedom song Bob Marley, You can listen to the song here, (the 1st one in e4L's palyerlist)
Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life
Show me the Prophet

Outlandish will participates for the Jury of a muslim's competition by ISLAM.DE at an event in April 2007

Read more about the competition and how to participate Here
Posted on 04 Feb 2007 by elmoro4life

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