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Horsens Open Air, Denmark

Horsens Open Air (DK) June 29th 2007

Outlandish Performed at Horsens Open Air in Denmark yesterday, unfortunately there's no enough info about it yet beside two pics, check them out Here
Posted on 30 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Photos and Videos
A bunch of photos are added to The Gallery including some new photos of Outlandish's concert in Denmark on June 9th

The fan's recording page is updated now, it hold two new videos recorded by moro Nasima (Thank you) and you can download them by clicking here
Posted on 28 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish featured in Magazine
Outlandish was featured in America's Muslim Girl Magazine for the May/June 2007 issue, which is really nice for the American fans who usually don't have access to interviews and such that European fans have.

Moros in America you can buy this issue at your local Barnes and Noble store.

**Edited: find the scans on the Gallery
Posted on 22 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Holmlia Concert - Part of OL-Oslo Poster
Outlandish perfomed in Oslo, Holmlia (3rd of june) which was an anti racism event.
It was kind of Folkfestival which was held in two days (Saturday and Sunday), and it is arranged every year in summer. Outlandish performed the second day of this festival. In fact this one was the biggest show ever in Holmlia town...

*Read the full story by Yumna aka Outlandish Girlfan all the way from Norway by clicking 'Read More'
Posted on 17 Jun 2007 by outlandish_girlfan
Exclusive: Interview with Shawty!

Shawty the winner of a competition organized by Drømme og Fremtid (Dreams and Future) which invite young people between 12-19 to help Outlandish by writing a poem which they used as an inspiration in the new video Kun Min.

Shawty was interviewed by Elmoro4Life.com , read the full interview by clicking 'Read More'
Posted on 11 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Callin' U used for a Vodafone commercial
Outlandish's 3rd single from "Closer Than Viens" is featured in a Vodafone advert in Romania!
Posted on 06 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Clip from Oslo's performance
June 3rd, Outlandish and DJ Turkman Souljah performed live in Holmlia (Oslo-Norway) and here's a clip from the performance:
Posted on 05 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
Cool Updates!!
The last updates of Outland's official myspace shows their good sense of humor, click 'Read more' and discover this ability by reading caption to some cool and yet funny pics uploaded by the guys.

They also added two videos taken by Waqas, the 1st recorded in LA (USA) and the 2nd in London (UK) and you can watch both videos on the full story page.
Posted on 03 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
June's Upcoming Shows
June will be so exciting for the guys, more shows and performances, but almost all in DK:

- Jun 3 2007 5:30P Holmlia-Oslo (Oslo - Norway)
- Jun 8 2007 4:00P Nordborg-Nordals Festival-Denmark (Norborg - Denmark)
- Jun 9 2007 5:00P Skælskør-Rod i Rocken-Denmark (Skælskør - Denmark)
- Jun 14 2007 6:45P Skanderborg-Sølund Festival-Denmark (Denmark)
- Jun 29 2007 2:45P Horsens-Open Air-Denmark (Horsens - Denmark)
- Jun 30 2007 4:00P Haderslev-Kløften-Denmark (Haderslev - Denmark)
Posted on 01 Jun 2007 by elmoro4life
GAFFA's reportage from North America's showcases

GAFFA added on their website a danish report about the showcases in vancouver and moro Yusuf Othman translated it for you, Read it by clicking 'Read more'
Posted on 17 May 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish: Pure Feelings, Pure Truth

"Pure Feelings, Pure Truth", this is the way Illume Magazine describe Outlandish, the May 2007 issue of this californian magazine will include an exclusive interview with OL.

For more info about the magazine, check out the official website by following this link.

**Edited: Read the interview in the comments.
Posted on 11 May 2007 by elmoro4life
Isam B and Sami Yusuf - Interview

Last summer Outlandish Isam B was in Alexandria (Egypt) supporting Sami Yusuf's concert and performing "Try Not To Cry" together with him, after the show Mazzika TV did an interview with Isam, talking about where he met Sami for the 1st time and about their collaboration.

Download this interview from our Live Videos section, including a short part of Sami Yusuf's interview talking about Isam and OL to the same channel.
Posted on 09 May 2007 by elmoro4life
Today (sunday) there's gonna be an interview with Outlandish at 8pm on Islam Radio's Youth Stuff program.

You can listen to this radio station online from the official website Islam Radio
Posted on 06 May 2007 by elmoro4life
Music Videos (updates)

Due to some moros requests we added the two oldest versions of 'Walou' to our Music Videos section, re-uploaded the other videos and updated all links to make sure all of them are working.

Take your time to download all your favourites by following this link
Posted on 05 May 2007 by elmoro4life
OL North America's showcases dates
Tomorrow Outlandish will perform for the 1st time this year in North America starting by Vancouver (Canada) May 2nd and 4th then ending by a solo gig in Los Angeles (USA) May 10th. The available info are here:

- May 2nd 2007 at 8:30P THE YALE Vancouver
- May 4th 2007 at 8:00P New Music West festival Vancouver
- May 10th 2007 at 8:00P The Viper Room Los Angeles

Currently there's no fixed dates for a tour, so keep your eyes on Outland's official site for any possible updates.
Posted on 01 May 2007 by elmoro4life
Making of Guantanamo -The Video-

The last addition to the Live Videos section, shows the work behind the video of Guantanamo, the 1st single from 'Bread and Barrels of Water'

Watch Outlandish making this music video by downloading from here
Posted on 28 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
American interest for Outlandish!

Many musicians dream about it, but never correctly get a foothold, now the Danish trio Outlandish have a golden chance to striking through in the US, as a matter of fact two large, but yet anonymous, American record companies are interested in publishing Outlandish over there, it's daily paper Børsen that tells that, and according to the same source, our moros can rain with a sale, in the million-spell of drought in the longer term. Thanks to new portals that MySpace on the internet has, our moros have already a growing fan base in the states. "I can get Outlandish the first 20 concerts at American universities" Brian Nielsen from the booking bureau Skandinavian said to Børsen.

Outlandish will travel to North America in May, when they have to go to Canada in connection with a Danish music-thrust and later have to go to Los Angeles in order to give concerts.

Outlandish already has an international sound but now the trio can also become great international artists.
Posted on 23 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish in a tour

Never been with Outlandish in a tour? never mind, this 30 minutes video will take you in european tour with the guys performing their 'Bread and Barrels of Water' album's songs in some cities in europe, download it from the Live Videos page.

P.S, don't open the videos from the site, always choose 'Save', it won't let other moros download it if some are playing it online. Thanks
Posted on 20 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life

Brother Yusuf Othman added two new pictures dedicated for Outlandish's songs 'Any Given Time' and 'Nothing left to do'

Check out the updates on Yusuf Othman's site.
Posted on 17 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Some other videos from the EOI

Three other videos from Islam Channel were added to the site, including the last interview with all performers of the Evening Of Inspiration in the studio after they sang together and another one of only Outlandish just before their performance.

Download all of them from the Live Videos page.
Posted on 15 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Outlandish @ The Evening of Inspiration

Yesterday was the last night of the Evening Of Inspriration tour, Islam Channel did a live link to some parts of the show at Royal Albert Hall (London) and we've been able to record the last part where all the performers were on stage including Outlandish of course, they sing a nice song together with only beats.

Download it from the Live Videos page.

*There's also some parts of interviews with the guys, you'll be able to download them as soon as possible

*Check out OL-Video blog and watch Isam and Lenny on Sunday Night Live - Islam Channel
(Thanks to Bad_Ree aka Awayclose)
Posted on 10 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Kun min - Outlandish's New Video
Kum Min
Drømme og Fremtid (Dreams and Future) just released a new video featuring Outlandish and the winner of a competition which invite young people between 12-19 to help the guys by writing a poem which they used as an inspiration in the new video.

Zaedo Musa Aka Shawty (the winner) and all his classmates were very lucky,
they met and featured Outlandish in the new danish video "Kun min" (Only mine) which you can download from our Music Videos page or watch on the site by clicking 'Read More'
Posted on 05 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Videos from the UK Tour
Here's some links to videos from London's last gig:

Introspective - Electric Ballroom
Aicha - Electric Ballroom 1 and 2
Walou - Electric Ballroom

Links to 9 videos from Nottingham's last gig:

Outlandish - The Rescue Rooms

-Videos uploaded by: Abeda, chikan22, Pahlula and Tabreaz
Posted on 04 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life
Manchester's gig

Some moros have already uploaded yesterday's gig videos on Youtube.com check them out by following this link

-Edited: few photos were added to the gallery Gallery
*Thanks Nadia
Posted on 01 Apr 2007 by elmoro4life

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