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Hey ain’t nobody wanna go
Ain’t nobody wanna move
Ain’t nobody wanna try
Ain’t nobody stays alive
Walou from walou
It´s me and u or walou
Hey ain’t nobody wanna go
Ain’t nobody wanna move
Ain’t nobody wanna try
Ain’t nobody will stay alive
Walou from walou
It´s me and u or walou

Mamma please I can explain everything don´t cry
had to protect my friend from his friends
I swear – no lie
see before we knew it, the cops came
put an end to it with these handcuffs
took me down to the damn cell
cuz I´m not a minor anymore
tough !!!
Now bail me out mom
It won´t happen again I promise
Don´t tell daddy about this
He´s working too hard to feel this

The 2nd guessing
cause u never know when the guy upstairs blessing
or testing u in sessions so be prepared for confession
we all learn our lessons someway and somehow
when u fail u bow and even if u succeed u take a bow
I’m telling u right here and right now u need to change
rearrange u whole point of view cause for me it seems strange


De la nada sale el todo
Y el todo se hace nada
Hay espirales de consejos
miles mares de palabras
pero cada ser humano
tiene su propia realidad
cada alma sigue su ruta
a diferente velocidad
por eso queridos míos
cuando muera
no extrañen mi presencia
alegrías que vivimos
problemas que pasamos
aprendan de mis errores
no siempre el agua es clara
de la nada sale el todo
y el todo se hace nada

From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing
We got spirals of advices
Thousands seas of wise words
But every human being
Have their own reality
Every soul follows their route
With a different velocity
That’s why, my dear ones, when I die
Don’t miss my presence
The pleasures we lived
The problems we went trough
Learn from my mistakes
Cuz not always is the water clear
From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing

With empty palms people act empty
those who got a lot act like they don’t have plenty
so u say u getting places but u ain’t moving at all
still some race on and some sit back and wait for his call


Let me take a little moment of time
Going above them all - looking down
Wondering – I´m wondering
Why u don´t wanna be by my side
Time is flying - fly sky high
Falling down – I´m falling down
Oh what about my mom and my son lord
Anything, I did for u lord
I try to be nothing but pure
Lord have mercy on me my self and I
Should´ve never been around there
Body – cold
when I was already here
suddenly I´m out of soul
God I feel so low
and I fear to show
no matter where I go

U don´t see
U don´t feel
Beyond the walls u living in
U made me
Don´t make me
Loose the faith within me


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Mano a mano feat. Majid

What makes u judge quick
and talk shit when I haven’t even spit and u already on my dick
what makes u prejudice
and chase us like predators
convincing the medias and population to get rid of us
what makes u playa-hate
and pack hate just cause I got my name writing on the plates of my Benz
what makes u flip over my sisters scarf
and generalize when the fact is u hide your true colors behind your disguise
What makes u analyze every move I make
step in the ring of debate and discover who’s fake
what makes u think u better than me
when we got the same college degrees
and I got all the right keys
Mano a mano
He who laugh last laugh longest
See action speaks louder than words
No mercy

Mano a mano
He who laugh last laugh longest
See action speaks louder than words
No mercy

Pass that bucket water
like one of those joints
thirsty for life
u ride – dirty dessert – to the point
get the path right
thinking that I might follow your steps right
thinking u got flow
stealing a dead mans show by getting the role right
what a low life
didn´t your mamma tell u not to fuck with the dead right
digging their graves up
fucking their gimmicks
and spread lies - like a bitch right
making a mill on selling your soul to the shaitan
with the American dream cream a la theme scheme
fool!!! But no not mine
Not how Bachiri succeed in making the money they earned right
Bottom up - that´s right
By never forgetting the roots of mine
Give it up y’all!!! Don’t really gotta chance with a moro right
Throw it up y’all!!! or I minimize everything in your life


Mano a mano
Tres hermanos
Protagonista sin igual
Disparando a todo mal
Mano a mano
Nos llevamos
Proclamamos en papel
Aprendiendo del ayer

Mano a Mano
Three brothers
Protagonist without equal
Sniping all the illness
Mano a Mano
We conduct us
Proclaiming us in paper
Always learning from the past

Hardcore circumstances
We quit we damage and dances
going under like Atlantis
and burn u logo to ashes
while I flash this mic in they asses like Onassis
making sure u can’t harass this
lunatic lyricist
emerge from the abyss
never seen this pissed
by now I’ve topped u hit list
The 4 elements with my middle finga equals my fist
an intellectual fuck u u simply can’t resist
it’s ridiculous how we spit
u can’t predict our future
watch your mouth or I’ma shot ya
cause we got tongues
spitting bullets like guns
with appetite like dons
our name shines like them far away suns

A Metaphysist
Don´t neglect my intellect
The magnificent
Has come to represent
With rap lyrics so potent
If they were stolen and spit out by others
For sure they´ll be choking
Doing them off the dome
Or with the paper and a pen so sick
That u will think I´m half-human half jinn
Toxicating the air more dangerous then plutonium
Getting high of my shit thinking that it´s opium
Doping ´em while I sparkle in the darkness

All u think about is trying being the largest
While I stand heartless
Thinking about being the hardest
In this art kid that New York started
I get elevated, while u getting departed
On the spot
Like acupuncture medicine
Got lawyers practicing my words saying that they are relevant
Ya heard me I said they are relevant

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Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go

To whom it may concern I think I lost someone
I think I heard my mother cry I think I left someone
Think I saw myself commit homicide kill someone
The sweetest thing you have ever seen I think I hurt someone
I am running on a cloudy day
With a mind state far from ok nowhere to stay
And none to pray for me five times a day
Did I mention that I was brought up to the sky
To clarify I was put on a high to represent my body to the fullest still I am rowdy
Though not blessed with the same earthly riches like the Saudi I got spirit so they are bounty hunting
No mercy shown it’s a conspiracy all over me won’t leave me alone

By the look in your eyes
I can tell you gonna cry
Is it over me
If it is save your tears cause I’m not worth it you´ll see
For I’m the type of boy who is always on the run
Where ever I lay my hat that’s my home
I’m telling you that’s my home

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That’s my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I’m telling you that’s my home

Donde quiera que me encuentre
Donde quiera que yo vaya
Ese es mi hogar esa es mi casa
Soy como una pluma
Que es llevada por el viento
Libre como el aire, sin fronteras
Soy como el universo
Pirata sin modales
dueño de tus mares
tu amor yo me he robado
y sola has quedado
no soy digno de tus lagrimas
no llores tus dolores me los llevo
estas en mis recuerdos
no me justifico
y te pido mil disculpas
si pudiera cambiaria
pero esta es mi conducta
si algún día yo me asentó
seria a tu lado dormiría sosegado en tus brazos
por ahora te digo adiós algún día nos veremos
no guardes el rencor y si los bellos besos
porque a veces la vida es loca (loca loca)
a veces ganas unas
a veces pierdes otras

Wherever I find myself
Where ever I go
That’s my house
That’s my home
I’m like a feather
Conducted by the wind
Free like air
Without borders
Like the universe
A pirate without manners
Proprietor of your seas
I have stolen your love
And now lonely, there you are
I’m not worthy of your tears
Don’t cry, I’m taking your pain away
You’ll be in my memory
I can’t justify my self
I apologize a thousand times
If I could change I would
But this is my way of being
If one day I settle
It would be by your side, Ill sleep peacefully in your arms
But for now I say goodbye, someday we’ll see each other
Don’t keep the rancour, only our beautiful kisses
Cuz sometimes life is crazy
Sometimes you win some
Sometimes you loose some.

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That’s my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I’m telling you that’s my home

Never ever really sow me coming
Never ever really heard me knocking
Could it be that you were busy working
Thinking about him and forgetting about me
You got to be, (got to be)
down with me (down with me)
Coz only then I’ll be (then I’ll be)
down for real(down for real)
where ever I lay my hat that’s my home

Where ever it go
Where ever I goes
Where ever we go
That’s my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I’m telling you that’s my home

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The bond between us

This shit´s aingent like Egyptian
So pay attention if u don't want segregation
A child born destined to be a king
Never seen never heard about
Never has he mentioned in no books
Raised by Sufi’s not crooks
Desert Knowledge
Sophisticated anticipated by those who froze long time ago
Uhh give me one mo´ chance
I don´t wanna burn the bond between us
Uhh gotta piece of mind
Open it up and ride it with us
On and on
We go - hand in hand
We ride - side by side

De la duda a la angustia hay un paso
Amarrados con disgustos a tu paso
Tu me rechazas, yo amenazo
Amenazas sin respaldo en este caso.
Amor mío, enséñame el camino a seguir
Aunque pueda yo morir a tu lado
Con lazos del señor mano a mano.
Tus ojos dan calor, no puedo ni contigo ni sin ti
Mis sueños son por ti, tu destino es aquí
Llorarías al yo irme?
Serias fría como hielo al despedirme?
Tus ojos dan la luz a mi vació
Me hacen anhelar el día que me llames amor mío.
No se lo que decirte
Ángel de mis sueños
No te olvidare, lloraré
Aunque nunca frente a ti
Y sabes que en mis sueños
Yo te llevo junto a mi
Por ahora y siempre

From the doubt to the anguish there is one step
Tied with disgusts as you pass by
You reject me, I threat
Threats without backing in this case
My dear one, show me the way to follow
Even if I could die by your side
With Gods bonds, hand in hand
Your eyes give fervor, I can with or without you
My dreams are for you, your destiny is right here
Will you cry when I’m gone?
Or will you be cold like ice when I say goodbye?
Your eyes give light to my emptiness
They make me desire the day you call me the love of yours
I don’t know what to say to you
Angel of my dreams
I won’t forget you, I’ll cry
But never in front of you
You know that in my dreams
I would keep you with me
For now and forever


Label me an alternative life form
Calm though I bomb with a lyrical storm
Strong like Attila so bring it if u dare
Bring an army of warriors still I wouldn't care
U about to loose
For my verbal abuse and phrases
Cut through your mental like razors
Terror to my section
Which election?
Politicking ate my country with corruption
Here they come when they attack they intent to kill
My power penetrating amours and shields
Using deadly force, knocking planets off course
Hot like the sun you better run cause I collapse like the red sea, people
got kids to feed
If u had seen what I have your eyes would bleed
U cant flow the old fashion way stay low when and where I appear u never
know !


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Come On

Come on come on come on baby baby come on (x 2)

Keep on moving keep on rolling keep on coming
Keep it on and on and on and on

Señoras y señores
Por favor su atención
Outland esta en la casa
La fiesta comenzó
Me han dado la tarea escribir estas líneas
Hacerte balancear sin saber lo que te diga

Y’all better believe that
we got u in check now
better not move
cuz we don’t lie just to make it sound fly
to the fools the ho´s the pimps
no not these outlanders
ain’t no comic mother fucker in out buiz u dig
see we don’t fly, we don’t use no 45
if u gotta beef then u take it to the streets right
if u feel this outland dirty life style
say dididida dididididida


Outland fam whut
u wanna get down u better stay put
cause we immigrants chilling VIP in clubs
so as long as u shaking u butt and we making it ruff
U can stroll with it
go ahead roll with it
I got at least to ounces to go along with it
Just bounce to this
as I count my amount to this
At the same time elevate u minds to this

Todos lo quieren aprender
No se ni que pensar
Quieren ya correr y no saben caminar
Representamos lo que somos
lo que hacemos y con quien estamos
este cubano cada vez que esta en la luz
pues ya no hay marcha atrás
mi foto esta en tu mente no me puedes olvidar
reconozcan este nombre
temprano o tarde
conquistamos tu lugar vamos para adelante


it be the bad spitting snake
better watch where u step
wanna cross my dirty dessert with that cheap talk u set
na!!! put your money where your mouth is bitch
better crawl before u start to walk kid

Ey yo we coming through
so pump it up 1 time
we make the party people
wanna spin it two times in a row
and let ‘em know who runs the show
it outland baby
so now u know

Uh baby get it on get it on…
Hey lady in the night in the night…


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Fatima’s hand feat. Majid

Fatima is 21
And around here – when your 21
u gotta start thinking about getting a man
getting a son – getting it done
just like her mom when she was 21
but even though Fatima´s not ready for it
she not gonna say some
she feels she gotta do this for the parents
cuz they´ve been on her for the last 5 years
a lotta men from motherland
came up here hoping she say yeah
but she ain’t down
wants somebody that can make her feel alive
chill every time she wanna cry
the one in a million type of guy
but her mom keeps telling her
"compromise, this ain’t no fairy tale my child
do not waste your time
u´ll regret u didn’t say yes to this guy"
everyday is the same
like a battlefield
she gets the blame
bringing shame on the family name
just cuz the streets be babbling
like a Bedouin in a dessert storm
she lays low from all their songs
try to make´em understand
but it’s like talking to the wall
her desire’s burning to change her ill state
it’s strange - for the first time
in a long time – she sees the light in the end
she brings the pain within your brain
y’all don’t really wanna understand her thang
boo be really strong enough to maintain
thru your bullshit
it ain’t nothing but pain
but she knows in the name of Fatimas hand
she don’t go wrong
in the name of Fatimas hand
she will move on
hey hoping everything will be alright!!!

I see tears in everybody’s eyes
But I don’t understand why
Mama standing in the kitchen
preparing dinner while she cries
as the pain spreads inside
cuz something that’s going on
denial of my first question
second time got no respond
to lose some one that had always been there
She always had my back
And she always did care
So with these lines right here
I wanna explain how much I love u
No matter what u do I will forever stay true
Until this day
Can’t nobody tear us apart
10 years is past
But u are still living in my heart
truly no poetry can explain how much I miss ya
No matter where u are U will always be my sister


Con la mano de Fatima
sobre su alma encantadora
su camino es protegido
no importa cual escoga
y ella fue escogida
para verla y admirarla
en sus ojos tiene un algo
impecable es su retrato
y cada vez que pasa
lo duro se ablándese
la noche se agrándese
lo malo desvanece
no la olvidaran, la esperaran
al otro lado de esta vida
su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara
en las memorias hay momentos de pasión
afecto y comprensión, retratos y recuerdos
dando vuelta en las fantasías
su aura es alegría
lleva la mano de Fatima


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CPH Moro feat. Majid, Creative

CPH sick like a rape case
never the less
u´ll give it up all for a taste
we waste no time
partying just like we apes
flavor most y’all
sparkling on your fucking tapes
in this entertainment
shine like platinum bracelets
capture your listeners
no matter what their race is
be ready to face this
lyrically outrages
blowing up the spot
cuz I’m the one that amazes
Say why y’all gotta be calling my home city a ghetto, when it’s not
I never seen a real ghetto before – damn!!! I know my block
Concrete jungle – but it ain’t mo´ than that baby, u know!!!
There’s no thug life - no bitches and ain’t nobody’s poor
See my slums are mo´ like Pleasantville
With a murder once a year
+ some alcoholics on every street corner
sipping on welfare
I’m making it clear
I represent hip hop over here
Copenhagen 2660 - el moro yeah!!!

don’t run or hide
better recognize
´till the day that I die
feeling real high

En esta selva de concreto
Se siembran los rumores
Crecen, se abultan, desvanecen
A cada amanecer con lengua de serpiente
Venenozo anochecer
Dicen conocerme
Una vez me han mirado
O han pasado por mi lado
Mis pasos son contados
En los oscuros callejones
Fantasía nunca falta
La vida no vale nada
Si no es para vivir
Por que pasar el tiempo
Comentando mi existir

In this concrete jungle
People sow the rumors
They grow, they enlarge, and they vanish
Every single dawn, is like a serpent tongue
Venomous nightfall
They claim to know me
And only once have they seen me
Or walked by me
Its like my steps are counted
In the dark alleys
The fantasy never misses
But life is nothing worth
If it isn’t to live it
So why expend their time
Comment on my existence

See this is where I took my first breath
born and bread lot of bloodshed
and now I’m probably stuck until I’m dead
codename silent alcoholic who wont say a word
and still leave the club with your bird yo
I’m like the devil in the church when I creep
on these dead end streets 2 many wanna see me
buried 6 feet deep bringing heat on this planet
where I’m stranded
calling the shots the way I planned it


Lets dance
Lets see if you stand a chance
You wanna go toe to toe with the best but cant keep up your pants
Outland moro represents and conquer your camp
With a million hardcore immigrants we doing biz
Live and direct they digging what we doing chasing figures
Still got itchy fingers on triggers outland niggers
We taking hip hop to the next level
Sky’s the limit for these devils
Don’t course trouble but revolution like we rebels
CPH moro leaving my mark like Zorro screaming moro
And cock the hammer Copenhagen to Havana
Some say we mainstream out for the cream
But hip hops about changes and fulfilling your dreams


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Love Joint

The most incredible dame
style and grace fame
all up in my face
pretty delicious - Cleopatra
really wanna do this chapter
light skin – she’s a Muslim
got my mamma thinking real thoughts
"where’s my grandkid???"
wears a scarf
but I see her beauty with it or off
don’t nobody knows the deal but me and my lord
deep thoughts I filling my mind (hitting my brain)
with adrenalin (like a train)
like she and my child (feeling no rain)
calling my name
me the king – she the queen
wearing my ring
got me feeling so loco
24 constantly – never thought so
instantly like automatically
mentally lost in space
but I’m fitting in perfectly
feeling alive
energetic like a samurai
really really high
got me feeling pacified
keep u to my self
u´re classified under my distraction
I’ll be your bullet proof vest
u’re under my protection
Prohibidamente enamorado
Locamente apasionado
Y mi sueño es
Estar contigo como la primera vez
Pasé lo que pasé
Digan lo que digan
La niña más bonita eres tu solo tu
Si mi amor solo tu que conoces
Mi forma de reír y mi forma de llorar
Te llevo preservada en mi corazón
Tengo el sabor de tus labios en los míos
Tus ojos perfectos como la noche
Cabello como seda que al tocarlo me enloquece
No lo quiero pero estoy
En la cárcel del amor
Cupido me ha pillado
Felizmente encadenado

Love hinted
Forbidden in love
Madly passionate
And my dream is
To be with you just like the first time
What must be, must be
They can say what they say
The most beautiful girl, that’s you
Yeah you my love one, only you know
My way of laughing, my way of crying
I preserve you safe in my heart
I get the flavor of your lips in mine
Your eyes, they’re perfect like the night
Hair like silk, when I touch it, drive me crazy
I don’t want it but I found my self
In the love-jail
Cupid has pillaged me
I’m felicitously chained.

I’m in deep thought
I didn’t want to get caught
U had me from the start hard to live my life without u
U like a soul penetrating slug
For which I’ll mug
A deadly hug
U make no sense are u for real
janat ki tu hoor
You’re aroma
Putting newcomers in comas
Ready to spend coroners
Down to my last dime
While other pass u around
I keep u close to the last round
4 real mai tera ranhja
Baby got me high like ganjha
I’m elevating as soon as me and u collaborating
I’m hallucinating but who cares
U take away tears
Enable me to face the world without fears
U killing me softly with your innocent grace
An amazing creature with a heavenly grow in your face
I got no time to waste cause stakes are high
You and I like ´Bonnie and Clyde
Imagine us rise

My lady
Got me feeling - got me open - got my needs
All I want that she got
My girl
Everyday and everyway in anyway

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Stick ‘em up

say uno dos
stick´em up high high
tres quatro
give me whatchya got right
say uno dos
stick´em up high high
tres quatro
give me whatchya got right
uhnananana ( and if u don’t know – now u know)
Nobody move
outland officially rocking the groove
it’s now official
ready to bless u
with microphones and metaphors
3 outlaws on horses go lock u doors
we rob u for yours
diplomat the first to dis u
not the type who’ll kiss u
cause we address the issue

ey yo! the name is el moro
riding with my mouth full
looking pretty slick right
taking over your life
long nights, short days
making everybody pay
don’t be fooled by the baby face
let me prove I got what it takes
none to lose – gotta live
po po´s are following me
saying that I´m worth 10 thousand g´s
get off my shit – nothing u need
brother tell me u believe
that I’m not what they wanna see
calling me el deliquente


Atrapado en dos verdades
en dos mundos paralelos
en uno soy el malo
en otro soy el bueno
no puedo controlar este demonio que llevo dentro
quisiera yo quemarlo y dispersarlo por el viento
mi doctrina es un disparo
que traspasa tu conciencia
se entraña en tu alma
que no te engañe mi apariencia

Cougth between two truths
In two paralels worlds
In one I’m the bad one
In the other I’m the good one
I cant control this demon that I get inside
I want to burn it and disperse it with the wind
My doctrine is a shout
That goes beyond your conscience
It will penetrate your soul
Dont be fooled by my appearance

they never saw us coming
when we gunning they be running
Stunning to see u humming to the shit that u be loving
u living learning and burning u bridges by the dozens
still tossing and turning not earning shit u just yearning
disturbing cause
u judging instead of searching
the buzz begins when we emerge like what

Say hey Morena like you like that
You my muneca got it like that


would u ride for el moro
lie for el moro
cry for el moro
even die for el moro
the first conquers back then
u say when
better know kid cuz we do that shit again
would u really live for el moro
really feel for el moro
really steel for el moro
really kill for el moro
la milicia esta embarcada
en camino a alta mar
con planes de conquista
destinados a implantar

Say hey Morena like you like that
You my muneca got it like that

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Ill Kebab

Why u treating me so wrong
when all I try to be is so strong
don’t want me to maintain
please stop messing with my brain my baby
let’s get it on – to the early morn´
let’s break it down – baby break it down

I gotta bad name
being the bad man I am
doing bad thangs
hang around with my bad friends bad clan
doing bad stuff
me and u all the same
time to get rough

Quien lo hizo no lo se
No fui yo, pero al final
La historia me absolverá
Porque no estuve yo en el lugar
De todos lados me disparan
Los malos hábitos se acaparan
A mis errores ellos me amarran
No solo tengo cosas malas
Soy humano igual que todos
No soy perfecto igual que todos
Vulnerable como todos
Quiero que me traten como a todos
Quien tiene la respuesta
Por que no comprendo lo que hacemos
En el fondo yo soy bueno
Quien lo hizo nunca sabremos

Who did it?
I don’t know
It wasn’t me, but at the end
The history will absolve me
Cuz I wasn’t at the current place
From all sides I get blamed
And the bad habits can be monopolized
To my errors they attach me
Like if I only have bad things
I’m human, like everyone
Not perfect, like everyone
Vulnerable, like everyone
I just want to be treated like everyone
Who got the answer?
Cuz I don’t get what we’re doing
In the bottom, I’m good
And who did it, we’ll never know


I’m feeling low so u know I got to go
I can’t stay any more
No longer will I mourn
I feel the rain and the pain creeping under my skin
U ain’t my friend cause u haven’t been where I’ve been
I’ve been places seen faces
unsolved cases
Kids on streets with no shoelaces
So how the hell u gonna go of by telling me
It’s gonna be alright
So please let me go
Isam B let em now


Boo be calling me like what ever she wants
as long as she don’t call me home
mamma wouldn’t like that
cuz that’s a no no
so say my name is mo
and let’s do this happy hour on a low
see my real name be Muhammad
but nobody really has to know
but anuff’s said and let’s do this right
in your crib by the TV-light
get u real high screaming my name
dreaming bout me while u´re doing your man
thinking that I might come back to u
but I lied to – played u cool
girl stop calling me – u better step
see u did it – just to get a rep

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Renovadores feat. Majid, Acorn, Jokeren

I got the recipe to be the greatest mc you see
My tongue is sword my ammunition the vocabulary
I’m the type you just sit back and listen
when I’ve heard enough of your shit
I take your mind to prison
cause when I drop my poetry everybody gets frantic
I put you down bitch like the ice did Titanic
I handle this ruff rugged and raw
I do a lot of crazy shit cause I like to explore
take things to a limit that’s definitely unheard
watch your speakers as the air gets filled with verbs
hit the curb cause you getting something you don’t deserve
ugly as a mother fucker like the singer from the Verve
Todos me miran reconocen este estilo
siempre en español en la cima yo estoy fijo
latino orgulloso con formulas que complican
tu formula de pensar sin saber que significan
representar es fundamental, es algo que siempre hago
pase lo que pase tengo outland por mi lado
ven conmigo y déjame enseñarte el camino
y descifrarte las entrañas
de este laberinto formado con palabras
soy representante de un sonido
que queda para la historia
clavado en tu memoria
personaje carismático, como Napoleón
discantar estos versos es mi profesión

I come right-n-exact with a mighty impact
The name is Acorn
Blasting´ off roofs when I brainstorm
Don’t stay calm
Never forget it, kid, prospects are limitless
pathetic kids, y’all careers are as short as a minute is
Let it be dark for a minute,
when I kick yo ass it’ll spark in it,
You’ll never receive a medallion with a mic carved in it,
often it is cats like you I feed my rancor with
You shouldn’t have been a poet, but a dancer, kid
The only things bugging´ me be the eternal Q´s,
so now I search for tools that make fire,
so I can be burning´ crews, at first I chew
ya nerves in two, then I turn into
a pyromaniac and serve ya crew wit hell
till they desert in two, I bring out the worst in you,
make you turn baby like some perverts do,
I’ll keep being annoying till the earth is thru breathing
and Armageddon comes bursting thru,
Outlan and A make you run home early like if you had
a curfew...WHUT!

Me dhashatkard
Jab phi kareeb na hona bekhabarr
Warna kalam karrde ka je sultan tera sarr
Tu mujhse darr
Na larna warna kaat doon ka teri jarr
Kacha jobake tujhe phaink do ka
Waqas ali se na le banga
Tu guli ka lafanga me hoon jadookarr
Eik nazar se tujhe na raib kia
To mera naam waqas nahi
Tere baas sans nahi pyas nahi
Mere saat jang karne ke liye tere baas hatiyarr nahi
Abey tu sonn
Tu ga nahi sakta mere gunn
Mujh chasa banna chata hai kute tu hoga tunn
Dekho zara eik baat zara bata tu hai kia shay
Janta nahi ke dhashatkard hoon me
Eik rhalat nazar se mujhe dekh me tujhe jala doon
Ye bata doon ke mei hoon wo kala jadoon
Harr eik jang ki bazi mei me tujhe hara doon
Zindagi ke bare me eik do cheeze tujhe bata doon

I’m a terrorist
Whenever you near
Don’t be unaware
Or this sultan cut´ll cut your head of
Be afraid don’t step or I’ll separate you from your roots
Eat you raw and spit you out
Waqas ali is not the one to mess with
You just a street punk
And I’m a magician
If I don’t make you vanish with one stare then change my name
You ain’t got the breath it takes
You ain’t got thirst it takes
To go to war with me you ain’t got the weapon it takes
Yo listen you cant sing my song
Wanna be just like me you must be high
Look at yourself then tell me what you worth
Did you forget I’m a terrorist
One wrong look and you’ll burn
Letting you that I am what you call black magic
In every single battle you’ll loose
Letting you know a thing or two about life

Når jeg kaster mit dub op så rynkes der på næsen af mc’er
Der har svært ved at kapere en hvid knægt der kaster w’er
Men i ’94 var vi ved at producere
For Mack 10 og MC Ren og kan du se hvor jeg vil hen
Vi lavede Westside Slaughta House med Cube og WC
Og når jeg hælder øl ud er det for Ben og Eazy-E
Og når jeg glor ondt på din ho og råber get the fuck out
Tænker jeg på Gangsta Dresta, Compton Crips og B.G. KnockOut
Når jeg står op i boksen på et track med Outlandish
Tænker jeg på min lokale diner’s tuna melt sandwich
(mon ikke jeg gør)
Så lad vær at spille dum knægt for nu kender du the deal
& du har hørt det fra Den Gale AKA Madness 4 Real

I be the great Dane
Half moro - half Viking
Faithful slave of GOD
He my only heart I gave
Riding like a storm
Crossing the sea to the jungle of N.Y.
With my sable attached to the 5 mics on my back right
Paying dues – second generation bout to present the newest trend
Illest form representing hip hop thru the millennium
And then some – extra large – legendary like biggie smalls
Leave my sable by his grave
El moro salutes the greatest one

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Heads to the sky

Keep ya head to the sky (x4)
(every man gotta story to tell bout how the made it into this World)
Back in 1965 in motherlands street cafe
where young men were sitting down
drinking coffee ´till this brother came in
u could tell by the look at his face
that he had something that he wanted to share
a story told by a brother to another
´bout heaven, a lotta money and beer
see everybody who gathered around this special man that sunny night
left the café with a dream about being the one to reach this paradise
among these playas was guy who came from the country side
in love with a beautiful city girl
but didn’t have what her daddy required
and since life was to pour, land was too dry
he decided to pack his suitcase
and leave without ever saying bye
couldn’t look at his mother
cuz she didn’t want him to leave her sweet motherland
but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
so he said "mamma" I’ll be back again"
the he crossed the sea in the words of God
hoping to get on the right way
get his part, meet his demands, pray
fulfill his heart, taking a chance, grow
all alone in the whole new world


A new beginning
as soon as he touched ground he heard a sound saying his life was about to
turn upside down
as fast as he could he got settled with some fellow country men
who had already giving in for gambling alcohol and women
but they were all in the same boat
Left home with the same hope
learned from each others mistakes and then they coped
Mr. dishwasher factory worker
compared to where he came from this job right here was pure luxury
he was no fool though
shit he used his mind as his tool
working his ass of all day at nighttime he went to school
language is power as the years flew on by
he went back home made the love of his life his wife
talking about good shit now lets talk about something bad
lets talk about this fucked up situation one night he had
police pulled him over
thought he was drunk when he was sober
then they thought the car was stolen when in reality it was his Rover
Mr. officer why u harassing my ass
I pulled u over because u black ass was going too fast
suddenly insecurity came upon his face like a flash
was this really the type of future he would like his kids to have

See daddy came
Daddy saw
Daddy took
Daddy got what he gave
A new home and new fam
And a new working place is what he gained
Gave his kids what he didn’t have as a child
"U go for the gold"
The opportunity to be whatever they may desire
"U get on a role"
bilingual and beautiful
could there be a sweeter pie
I think not
But I let u decide
In the future


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