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Waqas Ali



Waqas Ali Qadri born in Denmark and on the 25th of March 1976 and raised in Brøndby Strand.
He graduated as a mathematical student at Ishøj Gymnasium and studied and worked as a office-worker for a period. He got married to his wife Hina at the age of 22, and together they have a son named Faizan and a daughter.

Hina and Faizan sometimes follow the group around, when they are on different kinds of jobs, concerts or touring – and it means a lot to Waqas.

In contrast of Isam, Waqas quickly became a competent break-dancer, but after a while he also began to find more interest in the music itself, and all the beats and lyrics quickly got his focus.

Waqas visited his roots in Pakistan for a short time during his teenage years. While he was travelling around in Pakistan his eyes opened for the Asian sound of music, and it’s instruments and he became very inspired.

The journey to Pakistan was first step to his own demo-cd – with Pakistani rap tracks – and it was published in 1998. The demo got a lot of attention from different music-company’s and got played on a lot of radio-stations as well.

As a person Waqas is a real entertainer and performer. He always got a quick remark or comment to a clever interviewer or smart journalist and he is almost always in a good move. Waqas represents the heart of the group if you ask them, and he is also the one who make's the other smile or cheer up when time or touring gets rough. Isam and Lenny call's him Vicky when they're joking about him or having a good laugh.

Waqas contributes to the group with a deep and more hardcore-rapper voice. His got a dark-flow and a more hard-hitting rap, which finds expression in songs like Peelo, Mano A Mano and CPH Moro. He has a great knowledge about Pakistan and world situation and likes to dress in traditional pakistani clothing, with a lot of colourful scarves. He's well respected among rappers and the audience in Denmark, because of his very own and very entertaining special trick - he raps in tripple-fast speed in pakistani dialect.

Waqas was actually the one who discovered the sound we know now as the sound of Outlandish, the mix and blend between music from your roots (African, Arabic, Eastern, Indian, South American, Latin) and other styles. The experimenting music Outlandish has been worldknown for all started out between the 4 walls at Waqas hous. One day he was sitting at the toilet, while the hiphop beats and lyrics of aggressive rappers, was pumping through his room to the rest of the house. Then his parents turned of some of their native old pakistani music, and when Waqas came out of the bathroom he suddenly heard the 2 music-styles blend together for just 10 seconds, but it was enough to touch something in him and make him aware of a new form of music. He was inspired immediately and quickly called Isam and Lenny.

Blue Book

Name: Waqas Ali Qadri
Nick Name: Vicky Bhai
Age: 30
Birthdate: March, 25th, 1976
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark
Ciblings : 2 brothers 1 sister
Girlfriend : Married to his cousin Hina in Pakistan 1997
Favourite food : Pakistani & karibisch
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite movie : "The Message"
Favourite acter/actress: Shahrukh Khan
Favourite car: Mercedes
Favourite singer: Jaqjeet Singh
Favourite band: Goodie MOB
Favourite holiday place and country: Pakistan

My hobby is: Beats and Music
Have you got a car ? "Yes, Ford Mondeo "
Have you got a pet? : "Don't need one i have my son Faizan. . . "
Who do you respect? : "Prophet mohammed "
Worst Habit: Picks his nose
Favourite songs: Depends on my mood but these days I'm listening to "Gnarls Barkely" on my Sony Ericsson 800Wi
Favourite outfit: Shalwar Kameez (Pakistani outfit and my scarves/shawls)
Favourite phrase: Inshallah (God willing)
Favourite meal: Keema (ground spiced meat) with white basmati rice
Favorite word: Humanity
Favourite cartoon growing up: The original NARNIA cartoon. I hated the movie

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